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Oakland Raiders Signing Wide Receiver Vincent Brown

Elias Trejo – Sep 15, 2014

The Oakland Raiders worked out former Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown today and per ESPN Insider Adam Caplan he is signing with the Raiders as he has cancelled his workouts with other teams. This should give Oakland a boost on offense and may help rookie quarterback Derek Carr on offense. 


Mark Davis Will Not Sign Another One Year Lease Agreement in Oakland

Elias Trejo – Aug 13, 2014

Oakland has been the home of the Raiders for a long time and in the heart of many it may always be. However, without a new stadium deal for the Raiders they could find themselves with no other choice but to leave home. This is not what Mark Davis wants and it's not what many fans want either, but the city may be leaving them with no choice. The Raiders need a new stadium and what they have now is unacceptable.

NFL Owners Starting to Talk About the Raiders Stadium Issues

Elias Trejo – Aug 1, 2014

Everyone knows the Raiders need a new stadium and now the right people are starting to address it. Art Rooney the II recently said that "something is going to have to give." in an interview with SiriusX NFL Radio. Mark Davis made headlines when he visited San Antonio and  it was a very smart move by Davis. Not only did he send a message to Oakland city officials, but now he has the National Media and other owners talking about the Raiders stadium situation publicly. 

Number Fire

Mark Davis Releases Statement on Report of Raiders Talking to San Antonio Officials

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2014

According to Mark Davis met with several San Antonio officials on July 18th about a potential relocation to the Alamo City. Davis is looking for a new stadium for the Raiders and he is open to moving the team if he can't get a new stadium in Oakland. 

Raiders Close to Getting New Stadium Deal in Oakland

Elias Trejo – Sep 3, 2014

Mark Davis and the Raiders need a new stadium and their search has taken them to San Antonio and Los Angeles while the City of Oakland tries to figure out a way to finance and build a new stadium to keep the Raiders in town. 

Is there a Raiders Running Back to Own in Fantasy Football?

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2014

The Raiders backfield will feature Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones Drew, Marcel Reece, and Latavius Murray and a couple other guys who are fighting for a roster spot. Are any of these backs worth owning in your fantasy football league? 


Oakland Raiders Week 3 – Studs & Duds

David Wilson – Sep 23, 2014

It seems that every time I put pen to paper about  a Raiders game this season, it starts with ‘despite the score…’. This game is no different, and regardless of the fact that Oakland lost the game, there were far more positives than negatives.

Oakland Raiders Should Fire Greg Olson Not Dennis Allen-Not Yet

John Doublin – Sep 22, 2014

In what was a heart-breaking 16-9 loss to the New England Patriots in Foxborough, the Oakland Raiders played extremely hard and had several opportunities to win. The defense had its breakdowns; there were missed tackles, over-pursuit and blown assignments here and there, but the defensive game plan was solid for the most part.

Oakland Raiders – Looking Forward & Back

David Wilson – Oct 1, 2014

It has been a disappointing week for the Oakland Raiders organisation. I witnessed first hand the embarrassing performance in England on Sunday, and it came as no surprise that Head Coach Dennis Allen was relieved of his duties.

How Did Derek Carr's Performance vs the Jets Compare to Other Rookie Quarterbacks?

David Pacileo – Sep 14, 2014

Last week, Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr made his NFL debut in New York against AFC foe, the New York Jets. Carr slammed the pedal to the metal completing his first 7 passes to gain an early 7-3 lead into the second quarter while showing great poise and pocket awareness against a fierce Jets front seven.

Oakland Raiders Expect Big Impact from 2014 Draft Class

David Wilson – Sep 6, 2014

In his first two years in charge, General Manager Reggie McKenzie didn’t cover himself in glory with his draft picks (not that he had many to use…).


Will The Oakland Raiders Show Fight Or Flight Sunday Against The Cleveland Browns?

Terrell White – Oct 25, 2014

Holla At Me Raider Nation! Well my brothers and sisters I really don't know what to tell you. I have no idea what the Raiders will do on Sunday. I'm being honest here, for the first time, in like forever - I have no clue what to expect. I know what I would like to see them do; However, what they'll actually do - is beyond me (and that's crazy).

New Oakland Raider Head Coach Tony Sparano Looks To Prove That The Saying "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" Is Not Always True.

Terrell White – Oct 11, 2014

Holla At Me Raider Nation! I don't you about the rest of you brothers and sisters, but this Raider Fanatic is ready to forget about the first 4 weeks of the season; After watching Tony Sparano bury a football, which symbolized the first four games of the Raiders season - I see that I'm not alone.

Back in Oakland... the Finger Pointing Continues...

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Oct 8, 2014

[Captain Jack’s Note: This is part two of the piece written post game but prior to the eventual sacking of Head Coach Dennis Allen following the Raiders' trip to London.  Now that Allen has been canned, we pick back up on our story...]

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