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Oakland Raiders Sign Cornerback Tarrell Brown to One Year Deal

Elias Trejo – Mar 14, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have announced they have signed former 49ers cornerback Tarrell Brown. Brown played in 13 games for the Niners in 2013 and started 10 of them. This is another good pick up by the Raiders this offseason. As of now Brown is looking like he'll start on the opposite side of DJ Hayden. The Raiders are starting to form their defense as they have already signed Justin Tuck and Lamarr Woodley. Look for them to continue to look for more defensive players, especially along the middle of the defensive line. According to Vic Tafur the deal is a one year deal with $3.5 million guaranteed. 


Rodger Saffold Fails Physical

Elias Trejo – Mar 12, 2014

According to multiple reports, like this one from Scott Bair at, Rodger Saffold has failed a physical and will not be signing a contract with the Oakland Raiders. This could be a blow to the Raiders offensive line in 2014, but in reality it may not hurt that much. Many "experts" and man in the Raider Nation were not happy with the contract and felt that Reggie McKenzie overpaid for an injury prone left tackle. Luckily, before contracts are signed physicals are done. Here is where it starts getting weird. Saffold was not healthy enough to be an Oakland Raider, but according to Adam Schefter he is healthy enough to sign a five year deal with the Rams. 

Oakland Raiders After Defensive Players on 2nd Day of Free Agency

Elias Trejo – Mar 12, 2014

According to multiple reports from Vic Tafur and Adam Schefter the Raiders are hosting several defensive players and are interested in several more. This is not a surprise as the Raiders struggled on defense in 2013 and are looking to upgrade the talent level on the roster. 

Darren McFadden Signs One Year Deal with Raiders

Elias Trejo – Mar 11, 2014

According to Fallon Smith Darren McFadden will be signing a one year contract with the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders, who may lose Rashad Jennings to the Giants, are making a smart move keeping McFadden and only signing him to a one year deal. While McFadden has had injury issues he can still be a weapon for the Raiders offense. 

Oakland Raiders Sign Justin Tuck

Elias Trejo – Mar 13, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have announced that they have signed former Giants Defensive End Justin Tuck. Tuck is a veteran that will bring leadership to the locker room and a pass rush to a defense that hasn't had one in over two years under the Reggie McKenzie regime. Tuck is the first signing of 2014 on the defensive side of the ball and the Raiders are expected to add more help. Defensive tackle Stacy McGee is the only defensive lineman under contract that started last season for the Raiders.

Austin Howard Visiting Oakland Raiders

Elias Trejo – Mar 11, 2014

According to Manish Mehta the Raiders will bring in Austin Howard for a visit. Howard played the last two seasons with the New York Jets at tackle. He only gave up two sacks last year and hasn't missed a game in two years. Howard is massive as he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 333 pounds. The Raiders are trying to beef up their offensive line in 2014. Odds are they'll bring in several offensive linemen and play the best five guys along the line. Reggie McKenzie likes versatile offensive linemen that can switch from tackle to guard. It looks as if the Raiders are trying to secure their protection for their quarterback in 2014. 


Oakland Raiders: Breaking down the Matt Schaub Trade

David Wilson – Mar 21, 2014

It’s easy to be critical of the Matt Schaub trade by the Oakland Raiders, but before you complain about it, just figure out what it cost them.

Oakland Raiders 7 Round Mock Draft

Robert Ortiz – Mar 14, 2014

As a new writer here at the Raider Nation Times, I struggled with what to write for my first article. I have long loved RNT, and it has always been a dream to write for a Raider based website such as this one, although I never thought I would be able to write for one with as much exposure as this one right away, so when Elias offered me the position here I gladly accepted. I have a strong football background and also come from a family of Die-Hard Raider fans, which helps me to write about my beloved Oakland. I also have a strong background in the Draft, as I do draft and player analysis for another website.

Three Quarterbacks the Raiders Can Draft After the 1st Round

Robert Ortiz – Mar 31, 2014

Make no mistake about it, Oakland badly needs a franchise QB, and a 32 year old retread just isn’t going to cut it. While many people know about the big 4 QB’s in this class in Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, and Derek Carr, I’d like to give Raider Nation a few options to look at in the later rounds of the draft, from 3-7. As always, you can find me on Twitter at @DraftOrtiz, where I’m always willing to talk about my Oakland Raiders. And also, #DJaxToOakland!

Oakland Raiders 2014: Free Agency Fiasco

David Wilson – Mar 14, 2014

The $60 million that the Oakland Raiders had to spend in free agency this year might have lead you to believe that in addition to retaining some of their young, talented players, there was also cap space to bring in a number of quality free agents to fill holes on the roster.

Oakland Raiders: The Dawn of Free Agency

David Wilson – Mar 10, 2014

With the real free agency period beginning tomorrow, a lack of signings (of their own free agents) and rumours has the Raider Nation nervous about what the new day will bring.


Raiders Cheerleaders' Issues Need to be Resolved

Damali Binta – Mar 22, 2014

If the role of the Oakland Raiders' cheerleaders is to boost the morale of the team and the fans, then the 2014 season may be tainted by the issues recently reported in the media. 

Are the Raiders Making a Mistake by Bringing in Older Players?

Elias Trejo – Mar 24, 2014

The Oakland Raiders are adding older players to their roster this offseason. Some of their biggest signings and trades have brought players to the Raiders who are in their 30's. Guys like Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Antonio Smith, Donald Penn and Matt Schaub have been brought in to start for Oakland in 2014.

What is Reggie McKenzie Doing with the Oakland Raiders?

Elias Trejo – Mar 14, 2014

It was January 10th, 2012 when the Raiders had their Reggie McKenzie introduction press conference. McKenzie calmly watched Mark Davis as Davis introduced him to the media. During his introduction McKenzie said, "From this day forward there would be one common unified goal, from the accountants to the head coach, everyone will have a place and everyone will have a piece of this organization. It is my part and my job to manage this transistion to identify what works and what needs to be done differently so that we can play the kind of football that our owners and our fans so much deserve. "

Why the Oakland Raiders Made the Right Moves on Day 1 of Free Agency

Elias Trejo – Mar 12, 2014

We're just over 24 hours into the new league year and the reactions to the Oakland Raiders moves and non-moves so far have been cliche and predictable. Many of the Raider Nation are ready to jump off a cliff and are already throwing in the towel for the 2014 season. There are the usual, "Reggie doesn't know what he is doing," type of rants from fans and of course the national media is poking fun at the Raiders and saying stuff like, "That's a Raider move" or 'Typical Raiders signing." Me however, I'm taking my time to assess the moves and have already started watching film on the Raiders current signings. The biggest thing to remember is that games are not played in March, and the Raiders still have plenty of work to do before the regular season starts. Let's take a look at the Raiders moves so far. 

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