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Oakland Raiders Signing Wide Receiver Vincent Brown

Elias Trejo – Sep 15, 2014

The Oakland Raiders worked out former Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown today and per ESPN Insider Adam Caplan he is signing with the Raiders as he has cancelled his workouts with other teams. This should give Oakland a boost on offense and may help rookie quarterback Derek Carr on offense. 


Mark Davis Will Not Sign Another One Year Lease Agreement in Oakland

Elias Trejo – Aug 13, 2014

Oakland has been the home of the Raiders for a long time and in the heart of many it may always be. However, without a new stadium deal for the Raiders they could find themselves with no other choice but to leave home. This is not what Mark Davis wants and it's not what many fans want either, but the city may be leaving them with no choice. The Raiders need a new stadium and what they have now is unacceptable.

NFL Owners Starting to Talk About the Raiders Stadium Issues

Elias Trejo – Aug 1, 2014

Everyone knows the Raiders need a new stadium and now the right people are starting to address it. Art Rooney the II recently said that "something is going to have to give." in an interview with SiriusX NFL Radio. Mark Davis made headlines when he visited San Antonio and  it was a very smart move by Davis. Not only did he send a message to Oakland city officials, but now he has the National Media and other owners talking about the Raiders stadium situation publicly. 

Number Fire

Mark Davis Releases Statement on Report of Raiders Talking to San Antonio Officials

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2014

According to Mark Davis met with several San Antonio officials on July 18th about a potential relocation to the Alamo City. Davis is looking for a new stadium for the Raiders and he is open to moving the team if he can't get a new stadium in Oakland. 

Raiders Close to Getting New Stadium Deal in Oakland

Elias Trejo – Sep 3, 2014

Mark Davis and the Raiders need a new stadium and their search has taken them to San Antonio and Los Angeles while the City of Oakland tries to figure out a way to finance and build a new stadium to keep the Raiders in town. 

Is there a Raiders Running Back to Own in Fantasy Football?

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2014

The Raiders backfield will feature Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones Drew, Marcel Reece, and Latavius Murray and a couple other guys who are fighting for a roster spot. Are any of these backs worth owning in your fantasy football league? 


How the Oakland Raiders Offense can be Effective Against the Jets Defense

Raiders are Starting the Carr

Justin Smith – Sep 5, 2014

Because the NFL loves the Oakland Raiders so very much, they have seen fit to send them to New York to open their season at 1 p.m. EST on Sunday. In a nod to just how special the league deems the Raiders, they are the only West Coast-based team to play a road game in the Eastern Time zone on Opening Day.

5 Keys to a Raiders Victory Over the Jets

Hailee Miguel – Sep 5, 2014

The Oakland Raiders kickoff the 2014 season in New York as they face the Jets this Sunday. It’s no secret the silver and black have struggled on the east coast, losing 13 consecutive games in the eastern time zone, but they are also 1-11 in Week 1 games since 2002. The Raiders will look to end the losing streak behind their rookie quarterback and a revamped defense. Here’s five keys to a Raiders W on Sunday.

Oakland Raiders Expect Big Impact from 2014 Draft Class

David Wilson – Sep 6, 2014

In his first two years in charge, General Manager Reggie McKenzie didn’t cover himself in glory with his draft picks (not that he had many to use…).

Five Reasons Why the Oakland Raiders Make the Playoffs in 2014

David Wilson – Sep 3, 2014

So the experts who grade the power rankings have the Raiders at 32nd out of 32? ESPN (those famous Raider haters) have predicted a 1-15 record. Given those rankings, you would think that it was hardly worth the Raiders turning up in 2014. Don’t buy it, this Raider team is going to be competing for a playoff spot, and here are five reasons why.

Oakland Raiders Pre Season Week 4 – Players Who Stood Out

David Wilson – Aug 30, 2014

Despite a number of other impressive performances from various Raiders in the win over the Seattle Seahawks, all the headlines have been around rookie quarterback Derek Carr.


Wine, Skulls, Charlie Manson and Zombies

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Sep 17, 2014

Sometimes people got it coming… sometimes people just get the ire and fire of your bad mood because they’re at the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place/time if you look it at that way).  Sometimes it’s both… but this ‘Lady’ (and I’m being nice here) definitely needed to feel my wrath. 

Why Jason Tarver Needs to Be Fired or Lose His Play Calling Duties

Elias Trejo – Sep 15, 2014

The Oakland Raiders need to make a change and the Raider Nation is calling for a head coaching change. Many Dennis Allen supporters have changed their opinion of him after the first two games of the 2014 season. There is no doubt that Allen is sitting in the hottest coaching seat in the NFL. He may not make it past the bye week unless he makes a change. That change should be taking over the play calling duties on defense. 

Dennis Allen is Losing Games, the Fans and May Lose the Locker Room and His Job

Elias Trejo – Sep 14, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have lost yet another ugly game in the Dennis Allen Era. This time it came at the hands of the Houston Texans led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. This was one of the games many thought Oakland could win this season and they lost ugly. 

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