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Can Latavius Murray and Raiders Defense Rebound Against Vikings

Elias Trejo – Nov 14, 2015

The Oakland Raiders defense and Latavius Murray need to bounce back this week against the Vikings. After allowing the Steelers offense to do whatever they wanted and letting them get into scoring positin late in the game the Raiders defense needs to have a much better performance against the Vikings. Murray, after being knocked out of the game, has to bounce back this week and show he can be reliable on every play and take care of the ball. 


Oakland Raiders Facing Key Injuries Heading Into Week 10

Elias Trejo – Nov 8, 2015

The Raiders suffered a couple of key injuries in their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Running back Latavius Murray was knocked out of the game on a hit by former Raider Mike Mitchell. The hit caused a crucial fumble that would help change the outcome of the game. You can't blame Murray for letting this one go as it appeared that he was knocked out for a brief moment immediately after the hit. This will be Murray's second concussion in less than a year so the odds of him missing next week's game are good. It's important to be safe when it comes to head injuries and you have to think about the long term. UPDATE: There is a possibility that Murray will be fine for next week

Raider Nation Saturday: Oakland Raiders Making the Playoffs and Other Good Reads

Elias Trejo – Oct 3, 2015

Back in 2011 when we launched this site we were tired of the lack and type of coverage the Raiders were receiving in the National Media. Everything was negative and it was well deserved because our team wasn't playing very well. After about 10 years of negativity I wanted to create a place where the Raider Nation could come and enjoy reading what's being said about the Raiders. 

Who is the Best Fantasy Football Player in the Raider Nation?

Elias Trejo – Sep 25, 2015

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best Fantasy Football player in the Raider Nation? If so it's time to put your money where your mouth is. We have created a Raider Nation Only league on FanDuel. 20 Players will be accepted to play and the Top 6 Players will win. The Entry fee is only $5 to join and you'll be playing against our site as well. 

Raiders AFC Standings Update After Loss to Steelers

Elias Trejo – Nov 9, 2015

The Oakland Raiders are currently in 8th place in the AFC after their loss to the Steelers this week. To find out more about what that means for their playoff chances and how they can still get the 5th seed watch this. 

Derek Carr Most Likely to PLAY in Week 2 for the Raiders

Elias Trejo – Sep 14, 2015

The Raiders losses continue to mount up after only one week of football. Derek Carr is likely to miss next week's game agains the Ravens according to multiple reports. The 2nd year quarterback injured his hand when he was trying to stiff arm Adam Jones. Jones should have been ejected from the game a few plays earlier for grabbing slamming Amari Cooper's helmet less head onto his own helmet. 


Oakland Raiders Keys to Success: Detroit Lions

Andrew Flores – Nov 17, 2015

Last week’s loss left the Raiders reeling. The Vikings offensive coordinator was able to exploit the Raider’s deficiencies all game long. While it wasn’t flashy the Vikings were effective.  The Vikings stout defense was able to harass Carr consistently. But it is my opinion that Raiders’ offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was the biggest issue within this game. That being said the Raiders will need to refocus and show some resilience. The Detroit Lions will be confident coming off of a historic win against the Green Bay Packers. This Lions team has underwhelmed throughout the season, but they cannot be underestimated.

Raiders Defensive Midseason Grades

Andrew Flores – Nov 14, 2015

When you watch the tape you see defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. has his players buying in and playing with passion. The Raider’s defense has done a good job of swarming to the ball throughout the season. The defensive ends have been impressive, but they still are not playing to their full potential. From a coaching standpoint one of the glaring weaknesses I noticed was that the coaches allow the opponents to dictate the matchups and they will need to do a better job of adapting as games progress in the future.  In the game against the Steelers Pittsburgh was able to move Brown to avoid our best corners in Hayden and this was one of the keys to Brown’s success. Brown is an elite receiver and I am not trying to take away from his success, but the Raiders should have let Hayden shadow Brown all game.  As a final note I would state this unit has been better than expected, but still has room for improvement with that said as they continue to gel this unit will only improve.

The tragedy of Aldon Smith

Raul Martinez – Nov 25, 2015

Let’s not sugar coat this. Aldon Smith’s suspension is a lose/lose situation.

Grading the Raiders Offense After 8 Games

Raul Martinez – Nov 14, 2015

The Oakland Raiders are 4 - 4 as we reach the halfway point of the season and Raider Nation is excited!

Oakland Raiders Keys to Success: Minnesota Vikings

Andrew Flores – Nov 11, 2015

Coming off of a last minute loss in what many saw as a game the Raiders needed to win, this week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings will test the team’s mental toughness. The question posed is will head coach Jack Del Rio be able to rally the Raiders after a bitter loss? While there were many positives within the game last week. It will be interesting to see how these Raiders react to the loss, as the Raiders were full of confidence coming off of a statement win against the Jets, before being stunned by the Steelers.   The Vikings could very well be without quarterback Teddy Bridgewater as he is currently going through the concussion protocol. Nonetheless this is a talented team and the Raiders cannot underestimate their opponents.  The Vikings currently sit at 6-2, and are looking like a playoff caliber team. The Vikings are a relatively young team full of talent. The Vikings are hoping that Bridgewater will be ready to roll this Sunday, but if he is unable to clear the concussion protocol the Vikings will be left with veteran quarterback Shaun Hill. Hill has plenty of experience with 14 years in the league. If Hill starts on Sunday expect the Vikings to lean heavily on Adrian Peterson as the Vikings will try not to put the game on Hill’s shoulders. 


Growing Pains Continue To Haunt Young Raiders In Loss At Home To Vikings.

Terrell White – Nov 17, 2015

Holla At Me Raider Nation! I said in my last article that the Raiders had more to worry about then just Minnesota quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Sometimes, I hate being right. When you're a team that has a running back like A.P. aka Adrian Peterson - he's got to be the focus of your foes attention; I don't care who your quarterback is. As for our Raiders, the Raiders struggle right now isn't with a particular player, or team. The Raiders struggle right now - has to do with this team establishing consistency on both sides of the ball - each and every week. Raiders On O. With questions concerning the health of starting running back Latavius Murray Raider Nation had to be relieved (to a certain extent) by the performance, and hard work of Oakland back up running back Jamize Olawale. Raider Nation also has to be pleased with the continued emergence of Oakland tight end Clive Walford.

Oakland's Struggle To Find Consistency Disappoints Themselves, As Well As Raider Nation.

Terrell White – Nov 24, 2015

Holla At Me Raider Nation! O.K. - Now, we all knew, or should have known that the Raiders were a work in progress. We all knew, or should have known that this team was not fully developed, or ready right now to truly challenge for a division title or a playoff position. However, knowing this - does not take the sting out of theses losses. Moreover, It's also not just the fact that the team is, and has lost games; What is especially troubling, is having the team lose, when you felt that the franchise was past the point of losing to teams that they should be beating. Raiders On O. With the hot start that quarterback D. Carr and the Raider offense had to the season, one had to question: Would they be able to maintain that high level of production for the entire year? After watching this unit perform in the game(s) against Pittsburg, Minnesota, and now against Detroit - we have our answer. No. The one major factor that separates the good teams from the great teams is consistency; A good team, depending on certain factors (such as injury - with the exception of the quarterback of course, location of contest, opponent, and so on) can have a solid, productive game or two. However, they're not going to play five, six, seven, solid games in a row. The great teams however, don't have that issue. It doesn't matter to the great teams who they're playing, or where they're playing them. They're opponent already know what the team is going to do -- the problem they have, is that even though they know what coming - they can't stop it! At the outset of the season, It appeared that the Raiders were at last on they're way back to establishing themselves; With Carr, Cooper, and the Raider running game spearheading the Oakland offensive attack. Now, that return is looking more like a mirage; Why? There's that word again - consistency. Consistency, which is something that the Oakland offense has not been able to maintain. Whether it's been Carr - throwing untimely interceptions, Cooper - dropping passes, Murray disappearing from sight in games, or offensive lines issues, the Raiders have struggled to find consistency on offense, as a result have been unable to generate points, and have lost the last three games in a row. What I find most troubling as a fanatic of this team is how they've lost the last three games. Personally I believe that the problem stems less from coaching, or even the scheme that the team is running (although I have never really been a fan of offensive coordinator B. Musgrave). I believe that the main source of the  problem stems from a lack of effort on the part of the players. Coaches - coach, and players -- need to make plays!! Looking at some of our squads stats against a Lions team (that we - on paper - are clearly better then) is quite troubling.

An Oakland Raiders' Salute to Veterans

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Nov 10, 2015

Before we give thanks to our Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, Service Guard and Reserve Men and Women, I need to get something off my chest which has been bothering me since late Sunday:

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