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Raiders Release Marcel Reece

Elias Trejo – Sep 26, 2016

The Oakland Raiders have released Marce Reecel according to Doug Kyed a Patriots Beat Reporter. Reece who was suspended for the first three games of the season is one of the handful of players who were on the roster before Reggie McKenzie took over. Reece had been with the Raiders since 2009 and enjoyed a couple of Probowl appearances as a fullback. 


Why the Raiders Will Be Playing in Los Angeles in 2016 and the Rams Are Staying in St. Louis

Elias Trejo – Jan 6, 2016

The time has come for the owners to gather and vote on which project they prefer for the NFL's relocation to Los Angeles. In one corner you have mega-billionaire Stan Kroenke and his Inglewood proposal and in the other corner you have the tag team of Mark Davis and Dean Spanos and their Carson proposal. This is the classic handicap match that the WWE would be proud of. The unlikely partnership between the Chargers and Raiders is like when Hulk Hogan shocked everyone and joined the NWO. It was weird, didn't  make a lot of sense but it changed the landscape of wrestling.  Meanwhle, Kroenke is Golberg who doesn't lose, but is his time coming? 

Can Latavius Murray and Raiders Defense Rebound Against Vikings

Elias Trejo – Nov 14, 2015

The Oakland Raiders defense and Latavius Murray need to bounce back this week against the Vikings. After allowing the Steelers offense to do whatever they wanted and letting them get into scoring positin late in the game the Raiders defense needs to have a much better performance against the Vikings. Murray, after being knocked out of the game, has to bounce back this week and show he can be reliable on every play and take care of the ball. 

Raiders AFC Standings Update After Loss to Steelers

Elias Trejo – Nov 9, 2015

The Oakland Raiders are currently in 8th place in the AFC after their loss to the Steelers this week. To find out more about what that means for their playoff chances and how they can still get the 5th seed watch this. 

It Wasn't Me: Raiders Aldon Smith Checks Into Rehab

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2016

According to TMZ Aldon Smith has checked into rehab. This was after a video surfaced on Periscope that appeared to show Smith smoking a blunt. The video ended with Smith saying, "They don't know it's me, it's not like I put Aldon Smith." This isn't that big of a blow for the Raiders because he was not going to be eligible to play until November, but it's not exactly good news for the Raiders. 

Oakland Raiders Facing Key Injuries Heading Into Week 10

Elias Trejo – Nov 8, 2015

The Raiders suffered a couple of key injuries in their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Running back Latavius Murray was knocked out of the game on a hit by former Raider Mike Mitchell. The hit caused a crucial fumble that would help change the outcome of the game. You can't blame Murray for letting this one go as it appeared that he was knocked out for a brief moment immediately after the hit. This will be Murray's second concussion in less than a year so the odds of him missing next week's game are good. It's important to be safe when it comes to head injuries and you have to think about the long term. UPDATE: There is a possibility that Murray will be fine for next week


The Raiders Are Just Better Than the Rest of the AFC West

Elias Trejo – Jul 29, 2016

First off, I just want to say that it feels great to be back from my hiatus. I've been sitting in the rafters watching and waiting like Sting did back in the WCW. It's finally time for me to come down and lay the bat down. All of these positive articles about the Raiders making the playoffs, winning the division, and maybe making a deep run into the playoffs are making me feel like I am reading the Raider Nation Times. It may be the first time everyone agrees on something. The Raiders are just the better team in the AFC West. Here's why. 

Oakland Raiders 2016 Draft – Why Connor Cook Makes Sense

David Wilson – May 4, 2016

The selection of Connor Cook, and the fact that the Raiders traded up to get him has been given an awful lot of press time during and after the draft process.

Football Is Back: Thoughts on the Silver and Black

Andrew Flores – Aug 13, 2016

Football fans are rejoicing as football is officially back and while preseason is constantly joked about it can be an important time for really gauging a team. With that said here are my thoughts on the Raiders debut.

NFL Draft 2016 - What to Expect From the Oakland Raiders

David Wilson – Apr 26, 2016

As we get to within two days of the draft, with free agency having played itself out (very favourably for the Raiders), the Raider Nation is wondering what they are going to get over this three day event.

Oakland Raiders could shock us all come draft day

Andrew Flores – Apr 25, 2016

The draft is 3 days away and so far this year’s draft has been anything but predictable. Yet with the 14th overall pick the Raiders could very well shock us all. While general manager Reggie McKenzie has always taken the best player available, this draft is different as the Raiders have no obvious needs and could gamble on elite talents with injuries in order to continue building a legitimate contender. Talents like Myles Jack, Jaylon Smith, and Karl Joseph are all likely to slide come draft day, while no one knows how far they will slide. These players are all blue-chip talents, and while they won’t make an instant impact they very well could develop into all-pro talents at their positions. Further the precedent for the Raiders to shock us by going against the grain has already been set, after all Reggie did gamble on D.J. Hayden in 2013 and while that didn’t set the best precedent. This move established that Reggie isn’t afraid to go against the grain, with that said here is my mock draft.


Pump your Brakes Raider Nation… It’s a LOOOONG Season

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Oct 13, 2016

Yes, it was a fantastic feeling of relief… of exuberance… of joy… of ‘Thank God We Beat Those Bastards!!’  Anytime we beat the Garglers (my pet name for the team from San Diego, although you may hear them called Dolts, Chokers or any number of additional insulting nomenclature by members of Raider Nation other than their given and true name of Chargers) it always make me feel so much better than many other victories.  True, winning a divisional game usually gives you that extra ‘Oooooomph!!’ of satisfaction since most of the vitriol we as fans of the Raiders receive is dispensed from fans of those teams in Kansas City, Denver, and (in this case) San Diego. 

Raider Nation Times Sports Analyst Recognized

Damali Binta – Oct 13, 2016

Damali Binta, a writer for Raider Nation Times, will present a paper in Atlanta, Georgia. The topic will inspire a discussion of the way history is distorted by manipulation of data which reports unusual, gifted performances, but these discoveries are overlooked because of incomplete or faulty data analysis. Her conjecture is that the Oakland Raiders have been affected by the incidents of faulty or incomplete analysis.

You Just Gotta HAAAAATE the Ravens

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Oct 5, 2016

Last Sunday was a special day in the Captain’s house, as something which isn’t done quite often… hell, IF EVER… actually transpired in real time, and I’m not afraid to share it amongst my readers here:

Anybody Catch the License on that Truck?

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Sep 23, 2016

It’s taken me a few days to start writing this, but then again, it probably is for the best for a couple of reasons, the first being you need at least a 24hour moratorium on bile, disgust and sheer anger after you’ve watched a Raider game and were totally deflated…

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