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Elias Trejo

Elias Trejo

Elias Trejo is the founder of RaiderNationTimes.com. He has been a member of the Raider Nation since 1985. His vision is to provide the Raider Nation with a different kind of website unlike any other blog or news source on the web. Raider Nation Times will continue to evolve and grow and it is all thanks to the greatest fan base in the NFL; to whom this website is dedicated to, The Raider Nation. To contact Elias email him etrejo@RaiderNationTimes.com


Bret Armstrong

Bret is a freelance writer from upstate New York. He has been following the Raiders since the early 1990's and covering them for various sites since May 2009. Bret has written for BleacherReport.com, Fanhuddle.com, Silverandblackpride.com, and TFDSsports.com. During the day, Bret works for a company in Delhi, NY called Sportsfield Specialties. They make goal posts, soccer goals, discus cages, hurdles, and other outdoor and indoor sporting equipment for most college and many professional sports teams. You can follow him on Twitter @Raidersblogger, you can find him on Facebook @ B.A. Armstrong, or you can email him your Raiders questions: Raidersblogger@yahoo.com


Captain Jack Rack Levy

Captain Jack Levy has been a fervent Raider fan since 1972, when an alleged "Immaculate Reception" ended his football year on a sour note, becoming a member of RAIDER NATION at the age of seven. Noting the team with the cool Pirate helmets and intimidating black uniforms continually abused and pummeled their opponents, winning game after game, he was forever hooked. Since then, through movement and travel stateside and abroad, he continued his love for the Raiders no matter where he called home, which included a twenty-two year career in the United States Navy with several overseas deployments and assignments. Finding his "own persona" to express both his Salty Naval and Raider heritages, his current embodiment as "Captain Jack Rack" attends many Raider games, walking the facilities and stalking the parking lots in full Pirate garb, heartily greeting both opposing fans and members of RAIDER NATION with swagger, cheer and camaraderie. Captain Jack has appeared with many Raiders "Super Fans" at games in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Houston, Dallas, New York, Buffalo, and several times in Oakland. He currently is President of the Florida Bay Area Raider Boosters Club.


Damali Binta

Damali Binta

Damali Binta YAEL is a native Texan who is a lifelong learner. Her interests are sports, mathematics, music, photography, research and writing. During her college years, she met a number of football players who became NFL players. In 2007, she was inspired to do research and write about the Oakland Raiders, those who have been enshrined in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and life after professional football for a selected group of former players. She resides in Texas. During her leisure moments she loves to look at football videos, study the Hebrew language and to do community service. She has traveled to Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Egypt. She has written articles on nascent democracies, focusing on "Mathematics and Democracy." For several years, Damali has been a member of the Professional Football Researchers' Association. She published the article, "A Gleam of Dawn," telling of the magnificent victory on Dec. 6, 1970 when the Oakland Raiders defeated the New York Jets 14-13, in the last eight seconds of the fourth quarter.


David Wilson

David Wilson

I am a lifelong Raider fan from England, and have been writing about the Raiders for the last six years. I make it across the pond to watch maybe two games a year, and I love California and the Bay area.


Dr. Nick Chicoine

Nick is a Chiropractor who specializes in the field of Bio-physics. He grew up in Sioux City Iowa where he currently practices Chiropractic. Nick has 3 older sisters and a Dad who once saw the entire 2002 Oakland Raiders football team in a Kansas City Hotel while attending a Seminar, but due to his lack of NFL knowledge only managed to get the mascots autograph. Nick's dad also saw Troy Aikman in a Dallas Hooters, but because he didn't actually know who Troy was, he asked the lineman sitting next to Troy for an autograph. He even went as far as saying "Hey Troy, I'm a big fan, can I get an autograph?" The man replied "Sure you can have an autograph, but I'm not Troy.... He is (pointing to Troy sitting directly next to him). Nick became a Raiders fan the same way anyone in Iowa becomes a fan of any team. He got a Raiders hat when he was 7 and thought their image was cool. In a way the Raiders chose him. Follow on twitter @DrNick_CBP


John Doublin

John Doublin

John was raised a Navy brat. In 1973 he witnessed his first Raider practice. Once Otis Sistrunk signed his hat, he became a card-carrying member of Raider Nation for life. A promising athletic career was cut short when he was diagnosed with a congenital bone disease. His football coach asked him to help out and John was bitten by the coaching bug. After several years of coaching baseball and football at every level up to high school, John began to explore writing, beginning as a contributor on RaiderNews.com in 2009. In less than a year at BleacherReport.com, John became an internationally syndicated writer with credits that include; USAToday.com, CBSSports.com, SFGate.com (San Francisco Chronicle on line) and several international sites, along with being a top 10 NFL writer and the top Oakland Raiders correspondent. John's style could be best described as a coach's perspective with a fan's mindset. Agree or not, you're sure to appreciate his work. Follow John on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CoachJayDee


Jon York

The first full football game Jon ever saw was a Raiders Super Bowl victory and he has been a fan ever since - much to the chagrin of the Chargers household he grew up in. A mobile lifestyle and nine years in the military allowed him the opportunity to see and represent the Raider Nation all over the world, a global fan base that has now spread to his daughter. College Education and circumstance led Jon to a career in Engineering but writing has long been a passion for him. Fiction is where Jon thought that would lead him but his first published credit was a non-fiction essay. That and his love of sports led him first to Bleacher Report and then Raider Nation Times. You can follow Jon on Twitter @JonY75.


Luis Reyes

Luis was raised in New York City and as a child was introduced to the Raider Culture. During High School Luis moved back to his home country, the Dominican Republic, where he continued following and promoting the Oakland Raiders. Luis' greatest goal as a writer is to help Raider Nation grow not just in the United States, but all around the world. Follow Luis Reyes on Twitter @lu1sreyes


Terrell White

Originally from The Bronx - As a child I suffered an accident which forced me to wear a patch over my "Raider" eye (no worries I'm fine now ;-) Was "born" following Al Davis and the Raiders, and so the saga continues...


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