Clem Daniels, Wall of Great Raider Memories: Art Powell, An Oakland Raider Legend

Damali Binta – Apr 12, 2015

In mathematics, we have existence and uniqueness theorems. I will forever remember the visit I had with Oakland Raider legend Clem Daniels while sitting under a historical framed photo of Al Davis with players on the practice field in 1963. My deep interest in the Oakland Raiders exists, and the uniqueness of my journey is evident. 

In less than a month of my interview with Clem Daniels, another legend would transition, and the Raider Nation is honoring his contributions to the AFL, NFL and the Oakland Raiders. To have an opportunity to visit with a living legend who was a colleague of Art Powell and who is pictured above us in a historical framed photo is remarkable. It is documented in a photo taken by Cynthia Foreman, owner of Cynthia Foreman's Signature Products.

Mr. Clem Daniels' wall is loaded with pictures of great moments in the history of the Oakland Raiders, and as a Raider Nation Times writer, I knew these would be moments that I would never forget.

I want to take time to thank Clem Daniels for sharing rich content with me during our interview. His brilliance and wisdom inspired me to continue working diligently with Peter O'Loughlin to complete the book, entitled Oakland 1970.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so look closely at the framed photo on the wall behind us. The photo was taken on December 17, 1963.  The original photo was done by an AP photographer, and the caption says,

"(Al Davis with) six of his players who have been named to the Associated Press 1963 All-Star team of the American Football League. From left: defensive halfback Tommy Morrow and Fred Williamson, linebacker Archie Matsos, halfback Clem Daniels, center Jim Otto and end Art Powell. (AP Photo/Robert Klein)"

Art Powell is pictured on the front row, right, kneeling near the great Al Davis. To have an opportunity to be in the shadow of greatness is an inspiration that will carry me and others for years to come.

In one article Art Powell's data was compared to Warren Wells, and having the opportunity to interview Warren Wells numerous times is what has thrust me in a powerful, creative path of tracing the history of senior players, especially those from Texas and the South.

Another quote says of Art Powell's record:

"The 16 TDs remain a team record (Warren Wells, with 14 in 1969, is second) and are tied with six others for 14th most in NFL history."

We continue to cherish the great moments and memories of Art Powell and others in the Oakland Raiders history.


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