Raiders Swallow Worm, & Texans With BIG Win Monday Night In Mexico City.

Terrell White – Nov 22, 2016

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

You know, (thoughtful pause) I've been watching the Raiders for a very long time; It's kinda why I end every article with - Raider From Birth. Now, having said that, I can't remember the last time I was watching a Raider game in which everything was going the Raiders way, with the exception of their play on the field. Now, when I say everything -- I do mean EVERYTHING!

It started with the teams entrances. The moment the Houston Texans took the field the only sound you could hear was the crowd screaming BOOOO!!!!!! Speaking of the crowd, the Raiders had to feel at home because every where you looked, you saw Silver & Black!! The fans were also shining their laser pointers in the eyes of quarterback B. Osweiler; You almost felt that the Raiders were still in Oakland instead of Mexico City. Hell, the young lady they had singing the National Anthem - I don't know if you caught it, but even she had on a Raider jacket.

The team was also getting ALL the calls to go their way!! When was the last time you could say you saw that happen?? The Oakland Raiders, the NFL's most penalized team - have the zebra's on their side?? You know global warming is real now!!

Raiders On D.

Head coach Jack Del-Rio and the Raiders win the coin toss, (and that was pretty much the bright spot for the Raiders in the 1st half- but I digress) however as is his tradition - he would defer and kick. Texans get the ball to start the game, and the first dive, was tell tail; The Texans weren't here to play games. On Houston's first drive quarterback #17 B. Osweiler and the offense would convert on 3 third downs (3rd & 8, 3rd & 7 & 3rd & 5) in order to work themselves into the Raider red zone; However, it could have been much worse because in converting a 3rd & 7 wide receiver #10 D. Hopkins (D.J. Hayden beaten on the play - which would be one of the themes of the night) could have scored a 60 yard touchdown, if not for being called out of bounds after a 24 yard gain. The Raiders defense would hold up on a subsequent 3rd & 7, from inside the 15 yard line, forcing a field goal. Raiders: 0 Texans: 3.

Houston, having lost the lead - did not lose their composure. Now down by 7 the Texans would work their way down field, and back into the game with good work by B. Osweiler and solid play calling from head coach Bill O'Brien. Houston, running a no huddle offense at this point - on 2nd &3 from the Raider 40 yard line would hand the ball off to #26 L. Hillard. Hillard would take the hand off, and streak down the side line, being knocked out of bounds at the one yard line. A few plays later Osweiler would find #13 B. Miller in the end zone for the game tying touchdown. Raiders: 10 Texans: 10.

The first half of Monday nights contest would end with K. Mack getting a sack on Texans quarterback B. Osweiler. The second half of the contest would start with Raider quarterback D. Carr throwing up a duck that would be intercepted by #21 of the Houston Texans. Houston, unlike the Raiders would make the most of their opportunity, taking over at the Raider 45 yard line, and driving down the field. 3rd & goal Texans wide out #13 B. Miller would force a pass interference call on Raider defender #25 D.J. Hayden given the Texans a first and goal from the one yard line. Next play Texans hand the ball off to #26 Miller, running left he would score the go ahead touchdown for Houston. Raiders: 10 Texans: 17.

Early fourth quarter, Texans still playing the Raiders tough, and up by 4 would see their offense put together another nice drive. 2nd & 9 from the 20 Osweiler would hit wide receiver #12 Mumphery bringing up a 3rd &1 from the 10. The Raider defense however, would hold - which was key because a touchdown would have made it a two score contest; Instead the Raiders were able to hold the Texans to a field goal, keeping it a one score deficit. Raiders: 13 Texans: 20.

After a big play by the Raider offense tied up the game, a nice punt return would set the Texans up at 40 yard line. Texans tight end #87 C.J. Fiedorowicz on another nice catch would move Houston into the Raider side of the 50. Game tied, clock ticking down under 8 minutes left in the game 3rd & 6 from the 33 #10 D. Hopkins would again beat D.J. Hayden for a Texans first down. A great play by tackle #92 S. McGee would on #26 L. Miller would leave the Texans in a 3rd & short that would be turned into a 4th & inches thanks to a good tackle by #53 M. Smith, and a favorable spot from the men in stripes. 4th and inches, #33 Hunt would take the hand off, and after another favorable spot from the men in stripes, not to mention a coaches challenge & official review he would be marked just short of the line to gain!! Raiders take over ball on downs, game tied, six minutes left to play.

Houston would have one last gasp in them; With the Raiders up by 7 and with about 3 minutes left in the contest the Texas were looking  to work their way into the Raider side of the field. 2nd down and 5 from the 42 yard line #51 B. Irving would come up with a big sack on Osweiler. Now in a 3rd & 10 situation the Texans would come up short on the pass and be forced to punt the ball back to the Raiders with 3 minutes left, and one time out. The Texans would never get the ball back. Raider end game with Carr taking knee.

A special keep ya Raider-Eye Shout Out has to go to Oakland safety #42 K. Joseph. Love this kid!! First off, you have to love the hustle he showed to lay the smack down on running back L. Hillard; Stopping the running back short of the goal line, forcing the Texans into a difficult scoring position. Also love the pop on that 3rd & 10 early third quarter he put a hit on Texan quarterback B. Osweiler - forcing Houston to go for it on 4th down. Two Words: Raider Football.

Raiders On O.

Unlike the Texans, the Raider offense was struggling from the outset. On the teams first possession quarterback #4 D. Carr and the Raiders would have a quick 3 & out. The series was highlighted by a loss of 5 on a pass to #15 M. Crabtree (who was not himself for much of the night), and a loss of 4 on a run by #30 J. Richards. However, after an ugly 3 & out series the Raider offense would put together a nice drive; Highlighted by a 3rd & 7 from the 20 yard line touchdown toss from Carr to Richards. Carr would be 6 of 6 at this point of the game, as Oakland would move the ball 78 yards in 8 plays for the go ahead score. Raiders: 7 Texans: 3. However, at the end of the first half of play the Raiders would have only 7 yards rushing, and a total of 81 yards.

After the Raiders scoring drive Texans rookie punt returner #34 T. Erving would fumble. The recovery of the Erving fumble would be made by the Raiders T. Jones at the 20 yard line. On the first play D. Carr would hit A. Cooper with the pass, ball down inside the 5 yard line. However, despite being inside the 10 yard line the Raiders would be unable to get the ball in the end zone. On second down, a run by full back #49 J. Olawale was stuffed. On third down - Carr on a roll out would come up incomplete. S. Janikowski would come in and kick the field goal. Raiders: 10 Texans: 3.

With a shade over 2 minutes left before the half, and with the score knotted at 10 you were expecting the Raiders offense to be efficient and effective; However, they were anything but efficient, and effective. On 2nd &11 the Raider offense would continue to miss out on big plays. This time instead of a ball slipping thru the grasp of wide receiver M. Crabtree it would be wide receiver #10 S. Roberts who would be unable to come up with a timely catch. On 3rd & 11 a run by full back J. Olawale would be shut down by the Texans #90 J. Clowney; Who was causing problem for the Raider offensive line, and #77 A. Howard in particular all night long. The Raiders would be forced to punt, however on a interception by line backer #53 M. Smith would give the ball back to the Raider offense with about 1:30 left in the half.

The Raiders however, would be unable to capitalize off of the opportunity, continuing their first half theme. Oakland would have the ball 1st & 10 from mid-field. First down, S. Roberts, drops another pass. 2nd & 10, nice catch by L. Murray, giving the Raiders a manageable 3rd &2. However, the third and short run play was would be shut down by J. Clowney (again) - forcing the Raiders into a 4th down and short. The Raiders would go for in on 4th, however, Crabtree would lose his footing as the pass from Carr was heading towards him, resulting in an incomplete pass. Raiders: 10 Texans: 10 Half Time

After a Carr interception, and a subsequent Texans touchdown, the Raiders would find themselves down by 7 late 3rd quarter. 2nd & 8 from the Texans 30 Carr would find Crabtree in the end zone, but the wide out would be unable to come up with the catch. Now 3rd & 8 Carr would again look for Crabtree, signaling for him to go deep. Texan defensive back #21 A.J. Bouye would be called for pass interference, Raiders first and goal from the 8 yard line. 2nd & goal, S. Roberts makes the catch on the inside slant, now 3rd & goal from the 3. However, on 3rd & goal Carr was unable to connect with running back #33 D. Washington. Oakland forced to kick field goal. Raiders: 13 Texans: 17.

Now we move to early in the fourth quarter. The Raiders would be down by 7, and have the ball 1st & 10 from their own 25 yard line. Carr would take the snap, drop back, and hit his full back #49 J. Olawale. The Raider full back was left wide open, in what had to be a busted coverage. He would rumble down field, slip by Texan safety #25 Hall and go on to score a 75 yard touchdown!! The Olawale catch and run sent the pro Raider crowd into a frenzy, tying the game!! Raiders: 20 Texans: 20.

Now we move to late fourth quarter; At this point the game was tied at 20. The Raiders would have the ball 2nd & 10 from the 25. Quarterback D. Carr would first fake the run, then toss the ball to running back L. Murray, who would scamper down the left side line for a gain of 39 yards. Oakland, now with the ball down on the Texans 35 yard line would have quarterback D. Carr hit A. Cooper with a pass on the left side line (same side of the field Murray was just on). Cooper would take the catch, makes a sharp cut back towards the field, get a nice block from S. Roberts -- and takes the ball to the house - for the game ending / game wining Touchdown Raiders!! Raiders: 27 Texans: 20. Game Over.

End Game.

Despite being forced into being one dimensional, the Raiders would only have 11 yards rushing on the day, Oakland once again would find a way to Just Win Baby!! For a number of reasons, man am I glad we won this contest! First place in the AFC West, Prime time game -- which means that the Nation -- and not just Raider Nation was watching. Moreover, It's hard to watch a Raiders vs. Texans game, without thinking back to that first contest after the death of Al Davis. Furthermore, I hate watching this team lose, when Jon Gruden is on commentary!! Gruden is no fan of the Raiders, and for my money - has no real RAIDER in him! First off, you saw the week that NFL field goal kickers were having when it came to making extra points; Guys were straight up missing them, or having the ball clank off of one of the cross bars.  With that in mind -why was this man trying to jinx our boy Jano?!?! Every time he would come up to kick - Gruden would make a comment about him not missing a kick on Monday night -- almost as if he was calling for Jano to miss one!! Well, sorry sucka but Jano kept on -- NOT missing on Monday night - sticking it to the haters, and to Gruden.

He (Jon Gruden) also had a great time with that Master of Disguise skit he set up for Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. He continued on, chatting up about how Houston was tired of being disrespected, what about the Raiders being tired of the disrespect?? Moreover, play back his commentary end of the game when Oakland was on 4th down & 1.

Let's rewind a little bit, As I stated last drive of the game - Raiders running out the clock, 3rd & 4 L. Murray takes the hand off, but gets stopped just short of the 1st down yardage. Now 4th down & 1, with the Raider offense still on the field, Gruden was calling for a hard count - and for them to take the delay of game penalty, and punt -- the bitch way out; I never liked Jon Gruden and his conservative / scared money - don't make money play calling ass!! Real Raider Jack Del Rio however, would have other plans; Staying true to his form JDR on 4th and short  from the 40, goes for the throat!! He would call upon Murray to finish the off the Texans, and the game with a run for the 1st down!! Sorry Jon Gruden, you may have coached the Raiders once upon a time, but Jack Del-Rio doesn't just coach the Raiders, he is a RAIDER!!

Raider From Birth.


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