Raiders Continue To Strike Fear Into The Heart Of NFL With Abuse Of Panthers On Sunday.

Terrell White – Nov 28, 2016

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

As we well know, our Raiders have been in their fair share of nail biters this season; However, with the score at the half 24-7 in favor of our beloved Oakland Raiders, you weren't expecting this to be one of those games. It's funny, but not ha, ha funny how one play can truly change the game. One minute the Raiders are deflecting threating phone calls from PETA because of what was happing to the Carolina Panthers; The next moment we are watching, with one eye open literally at quarterback D. Carr; Who himself was looking down in pain at the twisted pinky on his throwing hand.

Raiders On O.

First off, how scary, and I'm not talking movie was it watching that offensive series the Raiders had when "The Garbage Man" quarterback #14 Matt McGloin entered the game? Thank God that was only a cameo appearance!! Matt is great at holding a clip board. Throwing a football? Not so much. After a 3 & out on their first drive, the Raider offense would begin to flex its muscle. On 1st & 10 from the 38 yard line Raider quarterback #4 D. Carr would catch the Panthers defense in a blitz, and would hit running back # 28 L. Murray; The screen pass would be good for a 32 yard gain. Next Carr, using play action would hit wide receiver #10 S. Roberts. The 24 yard gain would take the Raiders from the Panther 30 yard line, to down inside the 10. Raiders, now in the red zone, 1st down, toss to Murray, loss of 4. 2nd & goal Carr tosses to Raider full back #49 J. Olawale, who bulls his way to the 2 yard line. 3rd & goal from the 2 Carr drops back, and tosses a rainbow to S. Roberts, who skies to make the 2 yard touchdown reception; Crashing to earth using Panther defensive back #27 R. McClain as his personal landing pad. Raider quarterback D. Carr would be 7 of 7 for 86 yards on the Oakland scoring drive. Raiders: 7 Panthers: 0.

Time winding down in the first quarter, game tied at 7 a piece, the Raiders offense would be running like a well oiled machine. It was good to see Oakland tight end #81 M. Rivera have a couple of nice catches. Now 2nd 8 from the Raider 40 yard line, Carr would toss a pass to converted running back #22 T. Jones. The elusive Jones would shift from his backfield position, and eventually wind up lining up on the outside. The nice play call & design from offensive coordinator B. Musgrave would net the Raiders 15 yards. Now in the 2nd quarter, ball in Panther territory, the Raiders would be facing a 2nd & 13 from the Panther 34 yard line. Quarterback D. Carr takes the snap and tosses to a wide open #16 J. Holton. the 20 yard reception by Holton would set up the Raider offense with a 1st & goal inside the 5; Carr would then use the Raider offensive line, and hand the ball off to running back L. Murray, who would take it in for the 4 yard touchdown. Raiders: 14 Panthers: 7.

Oakland, back in the red zone at the 17 yard line of Carolina would see quarterback D. Carr hit wide out #15 M. Crabtree. After some shifty moves Crabtree would take the ball to down inside the Panther 10 yard line. However, despite having a 1st & goal situation the Raiders would be unable to get the ball in the end zone. The team would have to settle for a S. Janikowski filed goal. Raiders: 17 Panthers: 7.

Start of the 2nd half, Raiders with the ball, the lead, & momentum; You almost wanted to put this one away in the books, almost. First drive of the 2nd half, quarterback D. Carr is forced out of the game with an injury to his throwing hand, and the crowd goes silent!! Not exactly sure what happened with the exchange on the play with center #61 R. Hudson. Carr would dislocate the pinky finger on his throwing (right) hand. the play was a HUGE break for the Panthers, who would have linebacker # 58 T. Davis Sr. recover the Carr fumble. Panthers take over at the Raider 20 yard line.

With backup quarterback #14 Matt McGloin in the game, Raider Nation got a glimpse into their worst nightmare; What would happen to this team if Derek Carr was forced into missing significant playing time. There is only one word to describe the Raider offense, with Matt McGloin at the helm: UGLY!! As I said earlier: Thank God that only lasted one series!

After two touchdown drives, by Carolina, and an ugly 3 & out from the Raider offense everyone wearing Silver & Black was excited about seeing #4 quarterback D. Car return to the field, after dislocating the pinky on his throwing hand, opening drive of the 3rd quarter. He would return to the game wearing a silver & black glove on his throwing hand, taking snaps exclusively from the shot gun position. The Panthers would make some adjustments to their defense, not keying on the Raider run game / play action fakes, and would look to concentrate on pressuring D. Carr. 2nd down & 13 from mid filed, Carr looking to escape pressure, would end up throwing an interception. The Carr pass would be picked off by linebacker #58 T. Davis Sr., he of the recovered Carr fumble, and be run back to inside the Raider 30 yard line.

What you have to love about this Raider team, there is no panic in them. They went from being up by 17 points in the first half to down by 8 in the fourth quarter, and NEVER broke a sweat! Running game struggling a bit, no problem. Quarterback can't take snaps from under center, it's cool. Going from wining, to losing, back to winning - hey, it's all just part of a regular Sunday for the Silver & Black. 1st & 10 from the Raider 40 yard line running back #30 J. Richard has his face masked grabbed by linebacker #56 A.J. Klein. The face mask penalty would move the Raiders into Carolina territory; Setting them up at the 39 yard line of the Panthers. A few plays later the Raiders would find themselves in a 3rd & 11 from the 26 yard line; On 3rd down Carr would hit his tight end # 88 C. Walford for a first down at the 12 yard line. 1st & 10 Carr would again find his big tight end, this time in the end zone for the touchdown. Oakland would tie the game on the 2 point conversion catch by wide receiver #10 S. Roberts. Raiders: 32 Panthers: 32.

Oakland, back with the ball in their hands would see D. Carr once again hit wide receiver # 15 M. Crabtree with a deep pass; This time around the duo would connect, converting a 3rd down& 9 from inside the Raider 10 yard line, on a 49 yard bomb!! With under 4 minutes left in the game, The Raiders with the ball in Panther territory, would look to close out yet anther come from behind 4th quarter win. Carr would hit Crabtree with another pass on this drive, to get the Raider offense inside the 20 yard line. However, on 3rd & goal from inside the 10 yard line the due would not be able to connect; Forcing the Raiders into what would turn out to be the game winning Janikowski field goal. The Raiders would rebound from their third quarter performance with 11 unanswered points. Raiders: 35 Panthers; 32. 

Another productive day for the Raider offense. Running back L. Murray would have a solid. workman like performance with 19 rushes for 45 yards.  Wide out M. Crabtree was his usual dynamic self with 8 receptions for 110 yards. While quarterback D. Carr would go 26-38 for 315 yards (4th 300 yard game) with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Raiders On D.

Generally speaking I have my doubts about the Raider defense. As far as player personnel is concerned I'm never going to say that I fully trust D.J. Hayden. However, I will say that the heat under the seat of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. has to have cooled considerably. Winning will do things like that. Furthermore, despite the fact that Jack Del-Rio has made it a habit of deferring when he win the opening coin toss the, Raider defense has not allowed a team to score on their opening drive all season.

Well if it was going to happen, you just knew it was going to happen against the Raiders. Sunday Carolina quarterback #1 Cam Newton drew his very first roughing the passer personal foul call of the season; When he got all smashed up by our defensive tackle #92 S. McGee; The 15 yard penalty would move the Panthers from the shadow of the goal line, out toward their own 40. Next play, Cam hands the ball off to running back #27 J. Stewart, who would go on to dash for a 47 yard gain. A few plays later, now first and goal, quarterback Cam Newton would take the snap, and running to his left would take the ball in for the 3 yard touchdown score. Raiders: 7 Panthers: 7.

Basically the Raider defense dominated the Carolina Panther offense for much of the game, and for all of the first half. Raider linebacker #51 B. Irving would have another game disruptive performance; Irving would also get a sack Cam Newton in the second quarter. Moreover, the Raider defense in the first half would hold the Panthers to a 1 out of 6 on 3rd down conversion rate. Perhaps Carolina was thinking about what would happen on 3rd down, when on 2nd & 5 from inside their own 20, 1:12 left till the half Raider defensive end #52 K. Mack would pick off the Newton screen pass. The Raider defensive star would not only make the interception, he would take it to the house, scoring his 1st career interception touchdown. Raiders: 24 Panthers: 7. Half-Time.

After having thing go pretty much all their way, the Raider defense would be put under pressure right from the start of the second half of play. The Panthers would recover the ball, after Carr would fumble the center to quarterback exchange; The fumble would occur due to a dislocation of the pinky on his throwing hand. Carolina with the ball, and momentum, would get a pass interference call on defensive back #25 D.J. Hayden. The interference call would put the Panthers in a 1st & goal situation. Two plays later running back #28 J. Stewart would take the ball in for the Carolina score. Defensive line man #96 D. Autry would block the extra point. Raiders: 24 Panthers: 13.

After a series with Matt McGloin at the helm, the Raiders would punt the ball back to the Panthers; Who in a matter of moments would manage to move their names off of the endangered species list. 3rd &6 from inside their 20 yard line Cam Newton would put the pass right on the money and hit wide receiver #19 T. Ginn for an 88 yard touchdown pass. Ginn would be guarded by Raider defensive back #38 T.J. Carrie on the play; Who was smoked so bad he looked like he belonged in one of those old school Cheechs & Chong movies. This would be the 2nd touchdown for Carolina in the quarter. However, the 2 point conversion attempted to #10 T. Brown would sail high, and fall incomplete. Raiders: 24 Panthers: 19.

After a D. Carr interception the Raider defense would once again find themselves in a precarious situation. Carolina with all the momentum, and the ball in Raider territory would be looking to complete their comeback. 1st & 10 Cam hits #88 Olson. 2nd & 5  J. Stewart runs for a first down. A few plays later the ball would be back in the hands of running back #28 J. Stewart. This time the running back would finish off the drive with his 2nd touchdown of the quarter. Panthers again look to convert the 2 point conversion, but the Newton pass would be dropped by #88 Olsen. Carolina would put up their 3rd touchdown of the quarter, having scored 18 unanswered points. Raiders: 24 Panthers: 25.

Start of the fourth quarter, Raiders down by one, having seen the offense go 3 & out, with Carr still stuck in the shot gun, the defense would now see Panther wide receiver #13 K. Benjamin out leap Raider defensive back #21 S. Smith on a 44 yard 3rd & 1 touchdown catch. Carolina now with 25 unanswered points. Raiders: 24 Panthers: 32.

Now late in the 4th quarter, Raiders with a 3 point lead, after  scoring 11 unanswered points would once again need their defense to come up with a stop if the team was going to walk away with its 5th straight win. 1:45 left on the game, Panthers with the ball at their 25 yard line. Cam Newton would hit #88 Olsen. Next play Newton would complete a pass to wide out #17, moving the Panther offense into Raider territory. 1st & 10, pressure by K. Mack disrupts the play. 2nd & 10 Pressure by B. Irving, would disrupt the play. Now 3rd & 10, Olsen misses pass, just past his finger tips. 4th &10 B.I.G. strip, sack, and recovery by K. Mack end game. RAIDERS WIN!!

Once again the Raider defense bends, but doesn't break. Panther running back J. Stewart would have 17 rushes, 96 yards, and score  2 second half touchdowns. Wide receiver T. Ginn Jr. would have 4 receptions for 115 yards. While quarterback Cam Newton would be 14-29 for 246 yards 2 touchdowns, and an interception.

End Game.

As I sit at my keyboard, thinking about the highlights of this last game, my mind can't help but to wander. Despite the score, this game wasn't really close; The only reason the Panthers were in it, was because Carr got hurt at an inopportune time. What you have to admire is the fact that the Raiders continue to find different ways to win games. Furthermore, the team and the staff are only going to get better. A fact which has to scare the hell out of the NFL; Which is why my mind was wandering in the first place.

You not only love the fact that our Raiders are not only sticking it to their haters, they're back handing the NFL right across the face! You think about how those fools decided that they should NOT have the Raiders be the featured team in that brand new L.A. stadium; Moreover, you wonder with the Raiders looking like playoff /championship contenders, and with the Rams and Chargers looking, let's be kind and say - less than if those same suits are regretting that decision, just a little bit. Hey, they're concerned about the money, and if the Raiders can lose, but still make the NFL money, imagine how much cash they'd make for the NFL when they Just Win Baby!?!

Thinking about ownership? Your mind has to take you to Mark Davis. Mark Davis... What can I say about Mark Davis? This man, like we all did grew up watching the Raiders play a certain style of football. There is no greater tribute, that I can think of for the man to pay to his late father, the legendary Al Davis then to take over ownership of the franchise, and reincarnate his late father's vision.

I was listening to the great John Madden give an interview, in which he was speaking of the legendary Al Davis. Madden made a comment about Al Davis never telling him, No. According to Madden, a source I happen to trust, when ever he would go to Al Davis and tell him he needed X player, or something had to be down about position Y, Al Davis always made sure that Madden got what he needed. Without question Al Davis, and John Madden had a great relationship.

That thought popped into my mind as I was remembering something I heard current Raider head coach Jack Del Rio say, in speaking of Mark Davis. Jack Del Rio made a statement about how he asked Mark Davis if he was willing to spend the money necessary to get him what he felt he needed in order to restore the franchise? Mark Davis told Del Rio "What ever you need coach." You gotta say, Mark Davis has been true to his word. Not only has he come thru for Jack Del-Rio, he's come thru for Raider Nation. What more can we ask for?  

Raider From Birth.


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