Raiders Rally Late And Avoid Buffalo Stampede

Terrell White – Dec 5, 2016

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

I told you in my last article that we couldn't afford to take Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills lightly. After the score got to 24-9 I bet you were just a bit worried about this one, and you wouldn't have been alone. However, as the Raiders have done all season long, they found a way to Just Win Baby!!

Raiders  On O.

The Raiders would get the ball at the start of the game. Oakland quarterback #4 D. Carr would come out to lead the offense, and would not be sporting the silver & black glove - just some bandages over the pinky. Highlights of the first drive: 3rd & 5 from the Raider 30 yard line - Carr would use hard count, out of the shot gun formation to get the Bills defense to jump off sides. However, that was the good. The bad was on a 3rd &10 when an Illegal formation call on offensive lineman #77 A. Howard would kill a 51 yard catch and run by Raider wide receiver # 89 A. Cooper. The Raiders would be forced to punt.

The Raiders would start their next series 1st & 10 from their own 25 yard line. Quarterback D. Carr would hand the ball off to running back #28 L. Murray who, running off the right side would scamper for 22 yards. Now 3rd & 9 from the 50 Carr, still in the shot gun, hits tight end #81 M. Rivera for a 26 yard gain. However, the Bills defense would stiffen and force the Raiders into a 47 yard field goal by kicker #11 S. Janikowski. Raiders: 3 Buffalo: 3.

The Raiders would get the ball back, now down by 7. After a first down run by #28 L. Murray the Raiders would have the ball at mid field. 3rd & 4 from the Buffalo 48 yard line would see quarterback #4 D. Carr looking deep for wide receiver #89 A. Cooper; Defensive back #24 Gilmore would be called for a 27 yard pass interference penalty. The Flag on Gilmore would set the Raiders up with a 1st & 10 at the 21 yard line of Buffalo. A 2nd &10 run by Raider running back #30 J. Richard would set up a 3rd & 2 from the 12 yard line. Carr would hand the ball back to Richard, who would run for the 1st down. 1st & goal wide receiver #15 M. Crabtree would drop a sure touchdown pass that would hit him in between the 1 & the 5. On 3rd & 7 Carr would be unable to connect with Crabtree, and the Raiders would once again be forced into a Janikowski field goal. Raiders: 6 Buffalo: 10.

After a punt, the Raiders would get the ball back. They would have it 1st &10 from their own 43 yard line, 23 second remaining before halftime. D. Carr. would have good protection, and have 17 yard hook up with wide receiver #15 M. Crabtree. 1st & 10 Raiders with the ball now at the Buffalo 46 yard line, 15 seconds left Carr hits running back #28 L. Murray, who kinda sorta high hurdles defensive back #24 Gilmore to get out of bounds with 5 seconds left on the clock. After a time out taken by Buffalo head coach Rex Ryan; Hoping - on a wing an prayer to ice field goal kicker #11 S. Janikowski. The move of course, did not phase the 17 year vet, who calmly banged out the 47 yard half ending field goal. Raiders: 9 Buffalo: 10. Halftime.

With the game now in the middle of the third quarter the Raiders would find themselves down by 15 points. With the ball, Oakland would look to being to mount their comeback. On 2nd & 10 from their own 42 yard line quarterback #4 D. Carr tosses a 14 yard pass to wide receiver #10 S. Roberts to get the Raiders into Buffalo territory. Once into Buffalo territory a beautiful sliding catch by wide receiver #15 M. Crabtree would set the Raiders up with a 1st & goal at the Buffalo 10 yard line. A run by #28 L. Murray would se the Raiders up with a 3rd & goal from inside the 5 yard line. On 3rd & goal D. Carr would find wide receiver #15 M. Crabtree; Who would make up for his earlier dropped touchdown, by catching this one for the Raider score. Raiders: 16. Buffalo: 24.

After a stalled Buffalo drive, and a short punt the Raider offense would be set up inside the Bills 40 yard line. A beautiful, twisty 20 yard burst by Raider running back #30 J. Richard would set the offense up inside the Buffalo red zone. On 2nd down & 7 Raider tight end #81 M. Rivera would be stopped just short of getting into the end zone. Oakland on 1st & goal would have offensive lineman #68 G. Jackson pull; Jackson's pulling from his right guard position would help to open up the crease running back #28 L. Murray used in order to score the Raider touchdown. Raiders: 23. Buffalo: 24.

Game now in the fourth quarter, Raiders down by one, with the ball 2nd 10 from the Bills 37 yard line. Oakland quarterback #4 D. Carr would find wide receiver #89 A. Cooper for the Raider go ahead touchdown; It wasn't only a beautiful pass by Carr that set up the Raider go ahead touchdown; Cooper would fake inside, like he was going for a slant pass, and then dart outside, and take it deep. The sweet inside, outside move by A. Cooper would get Buffalo defender # 28 Seymour twisted, and beaten. Raiders: 30. Buffalo: 24.

After a N. Allen interception, thanks to pressure from K. Mack, the Raider offense would again find themselves with the ball. Moreover, after being down 24-9 the Raider offense would find themselves to be running like a well oiled machine, imposing their will upon the Buffalo defense. After the turnover Carr & Co. would be set up from just outside the Bills 15 yard line. On 2nd down & 10 an eight yard run by #30 Richard (9 rushes for 53 yards) would set up a 3rd &2 from inside the Buffalo 10 yard line. On the 3rd and short from the 8 yard line running back #28 L. Murray would rush for the Raider 1st down. On 1st & goal the Raiders would again turn to running back #28 L. Murray; The Raider rusher, being lead again by offensive lineman #66 G. Jackson would take the ball in for the 3 yard score. The Raiders would go for, and convert the two point conversion on a Carr pass to wide receiver #10 S. Roberts. Raiders: 38 Buffalo: 24. Game Over.

Raiders On D.

The Bills would get the ball, and on their first drive, they would come out firing. On a 3rd &2 from their own 34 yard line quarterback #5 T. Taylor would hit wide receiver #12 S. Watkins, who was working against defensive back # 29 D. Amerson for a big first down; On the next play, 1st &10 from the Raider 41 Taylor would toss the ball to running back #25 L. McCoy, who had beaten #52 K.Mack in coverage for another Buffalo first down. Now 1st & 10 from the Raider 31 yard line quarterback T. Taylor would drop back, and after the play fake he would hit wide receiver #17 J. Hunter for a 22 yard gain; Hunter, who had beaten defensive back #38 T.J. Carrie would make a nice juggling catch on the play. The Bills would be set up 1st & 10 from inside the Raider 10 yard line. However, a couple of nice plays by middle linebacker #54 Perry Riley Jr. on L. McCoy, combined with a sack of Taylor on 3rd & goal by linebacker #51 B. Irving (5th of the season) would, after a six minute drive force the Bills to kick a field goal. Raiders: 0 Buffalo: 3.

After the Raiders would tie the score at 3 a piece, the Bills would be driving, looking to reclaim the lead; on 2nd & 2 from the Raider 47 yard line Taylor would hand the ball off to running back #35 M. Gillisleee for a 29 yard burst; Taking the ball all the way down to just inside the Raider 20 yard line. Now, 3rd & a short 1, from inside the Raider 5 yard line quarterback T. Taylor in the shot gun, would hand the ball back to running back M. Gillislee to set up a 1st & goal situation. 2nd & goal, Gillislee would get the ball back, and plunge across the goal line for the first touchdown of the contest. Raiders: 3 Buffalo: 10.

The momentum that the Raiders gained from the half ending 47 yard field goal by kicker #11 S. Janikowski was wiped away in the two offensive plays Buffalo ran to start the 3rd quarter. The first was a well designed, zig-zag 57 yard scamper by running back #25 L. McCoy (11 rushes for 104 yards at this point in the contest). The other, Buffalo now at the Raider 12 yard line was a touchdown run by quarterback #5 T. Taylor. Raiders: 9 Buffalo: 17. 

After another Raider punt Buffalo would be looking to add to their lead. The Bills would have the ball, 2nd down & 1 from the Raider 40 when running back #25 L. McCoy would rush for nine yards. Now 3rd & 1, Buffalo would get a 5 yard gain by running back #35 M. Gillislee for a 1st down.

2nd & 10 this time, but another nice run by #25 L. McCoy.  Buffalo now facing a 3rd & 2 from the Raider 16 yard line would have quarterback #5 T. Taylor hit wide receiver #88 Goodwin for a first down. Now 1st & 10 from just outside the Raider 10 yard line Taylor tosses to wide receiver # 14 S. Watkins for a six yard gain. Buffalo now in a 2nd down and 4 would hand the ball back to #35 M. Gillislee; The run by Gillislee would set Buffalo up with a 3rd & inches from inside the Raider 2 yard line. Running back #35 M. Gillislee would finish the 9 play, 54 yard scoring drive off by plowing  in for the 2 yard touchdown. Raiders: 9 Buffalo: 24.

After a Raider touchdown by #15 M. Crabtree cut the Buffalo lead down to 8 the Raiders would catch another break. On 1st & 10 from inside their own 20 yard line Buffalo, in their wild-cat formation would snap the ball to running back #25 L. McCoy. The shifty running back would take off running left, however would suffer an injury to his right leg on the play; A big break for the Raiders seeing how McCoy was responsible for 142 yards of total offense to this point.

At the start of the fourth quarter the Bills (offense) would find themselves struggling. Facing a 3rd &10 from their own 25 yard line offensive lineman #77 Glenn would be called for a false start; Sending the already hyped Raider Nation into even more of a frenzy!! The 3rd &15 pass to wide receiver #14 S. Watkins would be smashed up by Raider defensive back #29 D. Amerson. Buffalo punts. On their next offensive possession the Bills would be back up deep near their own end zone. On 1st & 10, from inside the 10 yard line Buffalo quarterback #5 T. Taylor, in shot gun formation would take the snap in the end zone. Taylor would be pressured by an attacking #52 K. Mack. Mack would end up tipping the Taylor pass; Which in turn would be intercepted by Raider safety #20 N. Allen. The contest would officially be done when, with under 4 minutes left in the game, and the Bills driving for a desperation touchdown (now down by 14 points) from just outside the Raider 20 yard line Buffalo quarterback #5 T. Taylor would be sacked, and stripped of the ball. Raider one man wrecking crew #52 K Mack, abusing offensive linemen #79 J. Mills would have another strip sack, fumble recovery play!! Game Over.

End Game.

I don't know what Raider punter #7 M. King was thinking about; Dancing with the refs flag after the roughing the kicker penalty on Buffalo? He might be taking this dancing thing, just a little too far. However, the important thing is after another slow start our Raiders: Top 5 in total offense, and scoring found a way to impose their will upon another defense (29 unanswered points to end the game); Speaking of defense, after another slow start our Raider defense was able to find a way to come up with timely stops. They didn't make any stupid late game costing mistakes; Moreover, they were able to come up with play that helped the Raider Just Win (another one) Baby!! Now it's on to Kanas City. Time to show the Chiefs why the Raiders really run the AFC West.

Raider From Birth.

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