Poor Offensive Game Planning Combine With Missed Opportunities Sink Raiders On Road In Kanas City.

Terrell White – Dec 9, 2016

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

The crowd may have been awash in a sea of red, but you can not tell me that the Raiders weren't looking so fresh & so clean in their road silver & white jerseys. I also gotta say I liked the white pants. Now on to business.

I don't know what the hell the Raiders were thinking!! Why, why, why would they not come out looking to run the ball?? Announcer, and general Raider hater Chris Collinsworth was driving me absolutely insane with his constant mentioning of how the Raider offensive live was missing Kelechi Osemele. If the Raider offensive line is that dependent upon one player, then the Raiders don't have an offensive line! I understand that Osemele's replacement #74 A. Vadal is only a rookie; However, I was still expecting more from him. As well as from #76 J. Feliciano. Futhermore,I was expecting more from offensive line coach Mike Tice. However, there was enough offensive blame to go around.

Raiders On O.

This loss is on offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, and quarterback #4 D. Carr. As I stated in my previous article it was going to be hard for the Raiders to win this game on the road with Carr playing exclusively out of the shot gun. I hate to say it, but I was right. What the Raider offense needed to do, was the exact opposite of what they did. They NEEDED to come out and run the ball. They NEEDED to come out and look to control the tempo. They NEEDED to have the quarterback playing under center.

From the first offensive series it was clear that Carr was not on top of his game. Once again he was standing in the shot gun. However, he didn't look anywhere near as comfortable as he did on Sunday. Perhaps it was the fact that the Raiders were operating on a short week? Regardless of the cause, the Raider signal caller was not himself, and the offense (passing offense) suffered. They would have a quick 3 & out on the first series. The Raiders would get the ball right back, after the fumbled punt was recovered by #47 J. Cowser. However as I stated in the title, this game was lost due to missed opportunities.

The Raiders were gifted an opening drive turnover, on the road!! However, despite the fact that the Oakland offense started at the Kanas City 40 yard line the team was only able to come up with 3 points. On 3rd down and 8 from the K.C. 24 yard line Carr's pass would be juggled and dropped by wide receiver #10 S. Roberts. The Raiders would have to settle for a 49 yard field goal by kicker #11 S. Janikowski. Raiders: 3 Chiefs: 0.

After a beautiful 4th down stance by the Raider defense Carr and Co. would take over at their own 30 yard line. However, on 3rd & 5 Carr would be pressured by the Chiefs #50 J. Houston, who had abused Raider offensive lineman #77 A. Howard; He would escape his grasp, only to be swallowed up by defensive linemen #99 Nunez-Roches. The Raiders would be forced to punt; Which would be the theme of the night.

Late 2nd quarter with Oakland down by 18 points, and backed up deep in their own end, the Raider offense would show some signs of life. On 1st & 10 from inside their 10 yard line Carr would find wide out #89 A. Cooper for the Raiders 1st down (only their 2nd of the game).  On the subsequent first down play Chiefs defender, and leading tackler linebacker #56 D. Johnson would be lost for the game (a break the Raider offense would capitalize on). The Raiders, going no huddle, and using some strong runs from #28 L. Murray would work themselves down into the Chiefs red zone. On 1st & 10 from the 14 yard line D. Carr would throw a bad pass for no gain to wide out #10 S. Roberts. Now 2nd & 11 Carr hits wide receiver #15 M. Crabtree, who takes it to the 4 yard line. Now 1st & goal, Carr throws an ugly incomplete fade pass to A. Cooper; They were fortunate to get a pass interference call on Chiefs defensive back #39 Mitchell. On 1st & goal the Raiders would hand the ball off to running back #28 L. Murray; Who would take it in for the Raiders only touchdown of the night. Raiders: 10 Chiefs: 21. Half-Time

The Raider Offense couldn't ask for more then what they got from their defense. After taking to ball down for a score right before the half the Raider offense was gifted another scoring opportunity when corner back #38 T.J. Carrie intercepted an Alex Smith pass; The Raider offense would take over the ball inside the Kanas City 20 yard line. However, sticking to script the Raiders would fail to capitalize off of the opportunity. On 1st & 10 Carr would float an ugly duck that would be knocked out of the hands (by the Chiefs #20 S. Nelson) of wide receiver #10 S. Roberts in the end zone. After a run by Murray the Raiders would be in a 3rd & 6; However, once again Carr would be unable to connect with Roberts. The Raiders would be forced to kick the field goal. Raiders: 13 Chiefs: 21.

The Raider offense would have back to back red zone scoring opportunities to start the second half of the game. What more could they have asked for?? Thinking about it now, I guess they could have asked to score touchdowns on both of those red zone trips. The first would end in a field goal, the second was even worse. 1st & 10 from the 18 yard line, Carr once again is unable to connect with wide out S. Roberts. A tough run by Murray on 2nd down would set the Raiders up with a 1st & goal from inside the 10. However, for some stupid reason, the Raiders stopped running the football!! Ending up in a 3rd & goal from 17, Carr would throw another incomplete pass to Roberts. The Raiders would go on to attempt a 35 yard field goal; However, a bad snap would force #7 M. King into running -- to no where. Instead of 14 points, and control of this contest, the Raiders would only end up with only 3 points to show for their two turnovers. 

Late in the fourth quarter the Raiders still had time to make the necessary adjustments that could get them a score; However, once again poor offensive game planning / play calling, along with missed opportunities would doom our Raiders. On 1st & 10 from the Chiefs 37 yard line Carr would throw a pass, that he was lucky his tight end #88 C. Walford was able to catch. 2nd & 7 the Raiders hand the ball to #28 L. Murray. After a 3 yard gain, it's now 3rd & 4. On this play D. Carr gets hit as he throws by #50 J. Houston. Why the Raiders didn't hand the ball back to Murray? I have no idea. Facing a 4th & 4 Carr hits #10 S. Roberts for a big 1st down. Raiders now at the 23 yard line of Kanas City have the Carr pass bounce out of the hands of #30 J. Richard. 2nd & 10 Raiders run #30 J. Richard down to the 12 for a 3rd & 1. Why they don't continue to run the ball!?!? God only knows, but on 3rd & 1 Carr would loft a pass towards the end zone;  Looking for #18 A. Holmes he would wind up having his pass batted away by defensive back #22 M. Peters (who played a hell of a game -- all the more reason why the Raiders should have been running more).

Forcing the Raider offense into a make it or break 4th & 1. On that make it or break it 4th & 1, the Raiders would -- break it.  The Raiders would be flagged for a false start penalty on offensive lineman  #77 A. Howard. Yes, you read that right. Now backed up to the 19 yard line, facing a 4th down and 6 D. Carr would have his desperation pass would to S. Roberts batted away incomplete by #39 T. Mitchell.       GAME OVER.

Raiders On. D.

Can't really hang this loss on the Raider defense.. All 21 of the point Kanas City scored were in the 2nd quarter. Moreover, what is going to get washed in this loss is how the Raider defense perfectly set up the Raiders for the win. They not only blessed the Raider offense with one turnover in the Kanas City red zone, they gave them two!! However, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. After the Raiders went thee and out they were gifted a turnover when Kanas City kick returner #10 Hill lost the ball; The fumble was recovered by #47 J. Cowser of Oakland at the 40 yard line of the Chiefs. That of course was a special teams play; More on them later. As for the Raider defense, it did it's usual bend but don't break.

After the Janikowski field goal the Chiefs would be facing a 3rd & 10 from their own 25 yard line. Kanas City quarterback #11 A. Smith would drop back and hit wide receiver #17 C. Conley for a 39 yard reception; Conley was being covered by Raider defender #29 D. Amerson. However, later in the drive on a 4th &1 from the Raider 30 yard line the defense was able to stop running back #32 S. Ware; Forcing the Chiefs into turning the ball over on downs.

After another unsuccessful Oakland offensive series the Raider defense would again find themselves facing a 3rd down situation. This time, Chiefs with the ball at their own 35 yard line facing a 3rd & 5. Quarterback Alex Smith would drop back and hit his tight end #87 T. Kelce (another theme of the night) for a first down at mid field. Would have loved it if Raider safety #42 K. Joseph could have played in this game!! Nothing personal against his replacement safety #20 Nate Allen; However, he was not the force that Joseph would have been on the field. Furthermore, he was out of position on a number of the big plays the Chiefs made Thursday night. The Raider defense was able hold the Chiefs, after an offensive penalty on first down at the 50 yard line. However, being forced to punt you could feel the Kanas City offense slowly turning field position in their favor.

After being forced to punt, the Raider offense would once again sputter and give the ball back to the Chiefs; However, this time instead of having it at mid field the would start their next drive at their own 48 yard line. A holding penalty, called during the run back would have the ball placed at the Chiefs 30 yard line. On 1st & 10 A. Smith, out of the shot gun would hit wide receiver #19 J. Maclin for a 16 yard first down. A few plays later, 2nd & 8 it's back to tight end #87 T. Kelce for a first down. As we move into the 2nd quarter the Kanas City offense was facing a 2nd & 10 from the Raider 40 yard line. Quarterback #11 Alex Smith would take the snap, and go deep down field hitting #10 T. Hill for the touchdown; Bad coverage on the play by #29 D. Amerson. However, it was ever worse coverage by safety #20 N. Allen. Raiders: 3 Chiefs: 7.

No rest for the weary. After another quick offensive 3 and out the Raider defense was back on the field. Needing to stop Kanas City, who was sitting on 3rd & 6 from their 24 yard line. Alex Smith would drop back and, once again find his tight end #87 T. Kelce. This time the tight end, who had slipped by Raider defender #53 M. Smith would go on to make a 26 yard first down catch & run. After an offensive penalty would put Kanas City into a 1st & 20 Alex Smith would escape pressure, and avoid stepping over the line of scrimmage to find wide receiver #17 Connelly for a first down. Raider defensive back #29 D. Amerson was once again beaten on the play. Kanas City, now 1st & 5 from the Raider 20 would call on Smith to target wide out #10 T. Hill. The 1st down reception would move the Chiefs to inside the Raider 10 yard line. On 2nd & goal from the 4 yard line Smith would had the ball off to speed back #35 C West, who would take it in for the score. Raiders: 3 Chiefs: 14.

Things would go from bad to worse for our Raiders. After giving up their second touchdown of the quarter 2nd year tight end #82 G. Holmes would be penalized for running out of bounds during the punt. The penalty would force the Raiders into replaying 4th down. On the subsequent kick punter #7 M. King would miss hit the kick. Instead of the ball angling towards the sidelines, it veered away from coverage, towards the middle of the field. It would be caught by #10 T. Hill inside the 20 yard line, and he would run it back for 78 yards, and the touchdown. Raiders: 3 Chiefs: 21.

As I stated earlier, you really can't blame Ken Norton Jr. and the Raider defense for this loss. With Oakland down by 11, start of the 2nd half the Raider defense would come up with a huge play. On 2nd & 5 from their own 23 yard line the Chiefs would have their 2nd turnover of the night. This time it would be quarterback Alex Smith, who would have his pass intercepted by Raider defensive back #38 T. J. Carrie. The Raider offense not only squandered one turnover by the defense, the squandered two!! After starting at the Kanas City 16 yard line, and only being able to come away with 3 points the Raider defense would once again hand the Raider offense the ball, inside the Chiefs red zone.

On the Chiefs very next series, after the Smith interception the Raider defense would come up with another red zone turnover. This time is would be Raider defensive M.V.P. #52 K. Mack. On 1st & 10 from the Kanas City 20 yard line Alex Smith would take the snap, and have the ball swatted out of his hand by Mack; The quarterback fumble would be recovered by #96 D. Autry.

End Game.

This game was there for the taking!! Hard to win on the road when for the night as a whole you're able to create 3 turnovers, but only produce 1 field goal to show for it. Moreover, you can not give away red zone scoring opportunities; Especially on the road!! Man this was a very costly loss. I don't even want to get into the consequences and repercussions. The way I see it, the Raiders went into this game - arrogant; I really don't have another word in my mind to describe it. Carr had to know, either before the game, or during it, that his pinky was badly affecting his throwing accuracy. However, despite the fact that he was consistently missing his target the Raiders refused to adapt , and concentrate on RUNNING THE BALL!!. As I also stated in my previous article, Kanas City head coach Andy Reid, and Company have been at this for twice as long as Jack Del-Rio and our Raiders have been. One thing about Andy Reid, the man has adapted his style. When he needs to pass, the man will pass; When he needs to run, the man will run. Adapt, or die. A hard lesson to learn; But one that must be learned never the less. Tonight, the Chiefs were the teachers, let's hope the Raiders learned their lesson.

Raider From Birth.

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