Oakland Starting Connor Cook Was Only Move Head Coach Del-Rio Could Make.

Terrell White – Jan 5, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

I know this is not how we planned on things going. We planned on going to the Super Bowl. We planned on having quarterback Derek Carr being named the games M.V.P. That was until Week 16. Now we find ourselves in a different situation; However, it shouldn't be unfamiliar. One thing that comes with a consuming love of the Raiders, is a deep toleration for bitter disappointment.

Toleration for disappointment is secondary however to how you handle the situation. With the announcement of rookie Connor Cook starting at quarterback this weekend Raider Nation got exactly what they needed. We needed head coach Jack Del-Rio to handle this quarterback situation the way he has handled every obstacle this season - like a Raider. When starting quarterback Derek Carr went down he made the move the head coach had to make; He put in the back up.

For the sake of the uniformed, I've NEVER liked Matt McGloin. In my personal opinion, he's a garbage quarterback. However, as I stated, when starting quarterback Derek Carr went down head coach Jack Del-Rio made the only move he could make at the time; Which was to play Matt McGloin. This Saturday however, will be a completely different situation.

Forget my personal feelings about McGloin for a moment. You saw for yourself in our most recent contest against Denver how anemic the offense performed under his stewardship. This battle was the backup quarterbacks dream. His opportunity to play in a meaningful game, and lead the team in an important victory; What else do backup quarterbacks live for?

However, what do we get from Matt McGloin in his 1st start in 3 years? Before his injury we got 6 of 11 for 21 yards. Moreover, when he flat out missed that pass to a wide open A. Cooper my Denver buddies were laughing at me. Laughing, I tell you. Connor Cook, with about as much experience as a virgin on his 1st trip to The Bunny Ranch (watch HBO for details) went 14 of 21 for 150 yards. Furthermore, he tossed the 32 yard touchdown to wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Just Win Baby.

It started Week 1, with head coach Jack Del-Rio calling for the 2 point conversion, and the win on the road in New Orleans; It ends with him calling for rookie quarterback Connor Cook to get his first start this Playoff Weekend against the Houston Texans. I know one thing, Jack Del-Rio wants to "play to win the game!" Thank you Herm Edwards. There's been quite a bit of chatter this season about how good of a team the Raiders have become. This Saturday, the team has an opportunity to turn that chatter into action, and prove how good they have truly become.

I read somewhere about this game being an "automatic loss" for our Raiders. Automatic Loss!?!? No Raiders game, and I don't care who we're playing, or where, is an automatic Raider loss!! Not under head coach Jack Del-Rio. Don't talk to me about the Texans vaunted #1 over all ranked defense; Not unless you want to talk about how an injured, weak armed Matt McGloin would have been destroyed by it. Jack Del Rio isn't playing to have the Raiders lose their first playoff game in over a dozen years! Moreover, the good thing for US is that we've played the Houston Texans this season, and we've beaten them.

Now Connor Cook may not be Derek Carr; However, he's a hell of a lot closer to being him for our offense then Matt McGloin is. Connor is a smart, strong armed kid, who can make all the throws. I have no doubt that he's been studying the tape of what went right, and what went wrong for Carr and the Raiders in their first match against Houston; Furthermore, I feel our chances for victory are better with Connor Cook under center then they are with Matt McGloin, or either of the Texan quarterbacks for that matter.

Now make no mistake, offensively speaking this all doesn't fall on the quarterback position. Generally speaking, somebody on this team is going to need to have a Jack Squirek moment! As for the offense, we're going to need running back L. Murray to get more than 11 yards on 5 carries. We're also going to need more then the 30 total yards rushing he had the last time we faced the Texans. The unit that has garnered the most praise this season has to be the Raider offensive line. Well, I think it's time for some Smash Mouth Football!! The Raiders must control the line, because this game will be won, or lost in the trenches.

While we're on the topic of offense, we're going to need offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave to be something, I don't know if he's capable of being -  which is creative; You and I both know the Texans defense will be looking to do everything they can to confuse the kid. We need to see if we can give them something to think about! In addition, we're going to need some stellar special teams play. I'm expecting kicker #11 S. Janikowski to have a spectacular performance. Speaking of stellar play, that is exactly what coordinator Ken Norton Jr. will need to inspire in the Raider defense. Basically, it's going to take a team effort to get this victory. However, what we needed (and what we got) more then ever was for head coach Jack Del-Rio to be, and do, what he's been doing since Mark Davis hired him. Handle business like a RAIDER. Let's hope the rest of the team follows his example.

Raider From Birth.

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