Raiders Will Be Seeking More Then Just Redemption This Sunday Against The Denver Broncos.

Terrell White – Sep 30, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

Last Sunday night the Oakland Raiders weren't involved in a football game; They were the victims in a massacre. The Oakland offensive line did not look like one of the best in football. Quarterback Derek Carr played probably one of the worst games I've seen him play since donning the Silver & Black. Marshawn Lynch didn't look like beast mode; He looked more like a tame kitty cat. Amari Cooper was dropping ball like they were literally hot. Do I need to say anymore about the Oakland offense (or lack there of)?

On defense, the story didn't get any better. Redskin signal caller Kirk Cousins was never under any real pressure from the Raiders. Once again, the Oakland run defense turned out to not be up to the challenge. The line backers are still having trouble with tight ends, and running backs in coverage. The secondary is still getting beat deep on plays; Worst of all, defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. still looks like he's not exactly sure of what he should be doing. Other than that, it was a great game; NOT!!

Raiders On O.

On a personal note, I would love to see the Oakland offense get wide receiver Cordell Patterson, and tight end Jared Cook involved in the game plans. I've been watching Patterson, and from day one this kid have done nothing but ball all out for the Silver & Black!! If Amari Cooper is still playing with butter on his fingers then we need to get the ball into the hand of a man who can make plays; Which is all Patterson has done since he got to Oaktown.

The same can, and should be said of Raider tight end Jared Cook. Raider Nation has been waiting some time now for the return of the tight end; With Cook now on the team, I believe that the wait if finally over!! We need to have Derek Carr, like the Raider quarterback of old, find a way to get the ball into the hands of his playmaking tight end!

Now on to the obvious; If the Raiders are going to come up with a road win in Denver we are going to need a much better performance from the offensive line. After watching the tape of the Redskin game, and seeing Raider quarterback Derek Carr under constant pressure (multiple interceptions, and sacks) the Bronco defensive front had to be saying: FEED ME!! Well, we're going to need to let them starve to death.

What we're going to need to feed is our running game. The Raider offense needs to be balanced this weekend. I don't want the Denver defense (led by Von Miller) to be able pin their donkey ears back and look to take shots at quarterback Derek Carr all night; Which is why, other than the solid offensive line play the Raiders are going to need to have an effective game plan (and adjustments)

Raiders On D.

It all starts with the quarterback. Last Sunday against the Raider defense quarterback Kirk Cousins (over 300 yards passing, with 3 touchdowns) looked like a star. Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian in last weeks road loss to the Bills failed to throw a touchdown, but did manage to throw two interceptions. However, he did play well in the teams home game (week 2) against Dallas. This Sunday the Oakland defense must find a way (without blitzing on every down) to pressure Siemian. The Bronco signal caller can not be allowed to have any comfort in the pocket!! Furthermore, the Raider defense will need to contain his escape lanes.

More importantly (perhaps), the Oakland defense will need to be committed to stopping the running game. Denver must not be allowed to utilize their play action passing attack!! If they can't run the ball, that only helps (which needs all the assistance it can get) the Raiders tight end, and running back coverage defense. While we're on the topic of coverage, containing the run, while limiting the amount of time that Siemian has in the pocket should help to buttress an already shaky Raider secondary. 

End Game.
It should go without saying that the Raiders can not afford to have a repeat of the performance they had on Sunday night. The last thing we need right now is for this team to go up to Denver, and lose this game; Meanwhile the Chiefs beat up on the Redskins. All that's going to do is put more of a spot light on that Sunday massacre. Moreover, if we lose to Denver, and the Chiefs beat the Redskins, we're going to end up toward the bottom of our division. The bottom of the AFC West in a spot that is reserved for the San Diego Chargers, not the Oakland Raiders!
Mile High, as we all know is a very tough place to play, and get a win. If (the biggest two letter word on the planet) the Raiders can go up to Denver and just win baby, that's going to be a beautiful thing. A road win in Denver would not only help to quiet the critics, it would be a great boost for the teams moral in general.
However what happens if the Raiders lose? Especially in some embarrassing fashion; That brothers and sisters is going to be a problem. If the Raiders should bomb in Denver, after getting scraped by Washington what is that going to say? I can hear the talking heads now; Perhaps the Raiders aren't as good as we (or they) thought they were? Maybe it's time to make some changes with the coaching staff? Is the move to Vegas a distraction? Blah, blah, blah!!
Will we win this game?? To be honest, I'm not sure. The only thing I know for certain is that it's going to be a tough game. Will we have a solid offensive game plan? Will the players execute? Can the defense hold up? All of these questions, and more will be answered (one way, or another) this Sunday in Denver.

Raider From Birth.

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