Raiders Need To Handle Business Against Ravens, Avoid Third Consecutive Loss.

Terrell White – Oct 7, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

I spoke in my last article about how Oakland needed to find their Raider mentality; Sunday is the perfect time, and the Baltimore Ravens are the perfect opponent.

Raiders On O.

In our teams last two road games the so called high powered Raider offense has managed to score totals of 10 points. If that isn't troublesome enough remember it's still less then the 16 points the Ravens have scored in their back to back losses.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the Oakland offense is going to miss starting quarterback Derek Carr; Who in the last two Oakland victories against the Ravens has thrown a total of seven touchdowns.

If (there goes that word again) the Raiders are going to win without Carr, it should also go without saying that quarterback E.J. Manuel needs the players around him to step up their game. Real Talk: I wasn't excited when the team signed Manuel to be the backup; However, he's here now, and let's hope he's ready to put his past behind him. Prove to me that you can be a starter in this league.

Manuel was exposed in Buffalo. He's a good quarterback, but put his feet to the fire and he'll end up burning you. We saw it last Sunday. I loved the passes he threw to tight end Jared Cook; Moreover, if he catches one of those touchdown tosses we might have had a different outcome to the game.

As it was, when the game was on the line, E.J. ended up throwing an interception. Now, the receiver that pass was intended for was Amari Cooper. Cooper has been dealing with his own struggles; It's a problem when your job is to catch the ball, about you keep dropping passes that hit you right in the hands.

The Raider offense is going to need production from every aspect of the unit on Sunday; Offensive line, tight end, wide receiver, running back. If Oakland wants to avoid a third straight defeat it's going to take a total team effort; It also wouldn't hurt if the coaching staff actually put together a solid game plan.

Raiders On D.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has thrown one touchdown, four interceptions, and been sacked six times in the last two games; However, he seems to play well when he faces the Oakland defense. Despite Raider victories in the last couple of contests In his last three meeting against our squad Flacco has tossed six touchdown passes, and thrown only two interceptions.

The Raiders can not allow Flacco to use them (once again) to get his game on track. Time for the Oakland pass rush (I'm talking to you Bruce Irvin) to make its presence felt. As far as I'm concerned the Raider defensive game plan should be simple; Control Flacco, contain the run, get a turnover (or two), and win the game.

End Game.

Forget about seeing Derek Carr; He's being paid way to much money for them to risk any further bodily harm. We've beaten the Titans, and the Jets; They've beaten the Browns, and the Bengals. This Sunday should be a pretty good match up.

The Raiders need to get the crowd into the game early; That means the squad needs to get off to a fast start at home. In checking the Ravens last two losses you find that they were held scoreless in the first half of both games; Let's see if the Raiders can take an advantage.


Speaking of advantage, it would be great to see wide receiver Michael Crabtree on the field; However, the offensive player (other then E.J.) who must be effective is running back Marshawn Lynch. We know he can dance, on the sidelines; Let's see if he can give us some of that, in the end zone this Sunday.

Raider From Birth.

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