Raiders Seek To Re-Charge Season, Starting With Win Over San-Diego.

Terrell White – Oct 14, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

Pardon my vernacular brothers and sisters, but it's time for the Raiders to show some balls; Kick some ass, and play to win the game!

Raiders On O.

This unit has so many problems I'm not sure where to begin. So, we'll start where we always do, with the offensive line. This weekend the unit has one primary goal: Keep returning starting quarterback Derek Carr healthy. We all know that if the team was rolling, the way it was supposed to be rolling that D. Carr would, and could take another week off to rest his injured back. However, with the team losing, you and I both know that he needs to get back out on the field if the team has any real shot at turning things around. If you and I know this, then you better believe the Raider foes know it as well. The last thing any Raider fan needs to see is Charger defender Joey Bosa (I still remember his debut against Oakland)blindsiding Derek Carr! Quarterback protection is going to be vital this weekend; Almost more (if not more so) than winning the game.

Next up on the needs to perform list is running back Marshawn Lynch. As we head into the second quarter of the season it's time for Marshawn to start playing four quarter football. Enough already of this spending the second half of the game on the side lines in your hat; He need to be out on the field of battle! Also, I love what running back Jalen Richard has been bringing to the table. The Raiders need to perhaps utilize him earlier in their contests; Hit the defense with some speed, try to take some of their edge off. After Jalen has got the defense winded, then you bring in Marshawn, and see if he can be, the name that I'm not calling him anymore until further notice. It's also time (I feel) that the Raiders utilize Marshawn more in their passing game. I know I'm tired of watching other teams use their running back in the passing game to abuse our defense; I think it's time we started to return the favor.

Last but not least, can someone please get wide receiver Amari Cooper some stick-em?

Raiders On D.

There are a few things that I would love to see this defense start doing; One of them would be to find a way to pressure the quarterback!! We all know just how dangerous San-Diego signal caller Philip Rivers can be. I can picture him in my mind now, scrambling around, avoiding pressure, as he torches our suspect secondary. The Oakland defensive front can not allow this nightmare of a dream to be turned into a reality.

If we're sacking Philip Rivers then it must (in part) mean that the team is finally handling an opposing tight end. Of course, this is going to be easier said then done. The Oakland linebackers and Safeties will have their hands full with the Chargers dynamic duo of Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry. I'm curious to see what (if any) game plan(s) defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. can devise.

A quarterback's best friend, as we all know is a strong running game. With that in mind the Raiders will want to make the Charger offense one dimensional; This way they can concentrate on the dismantling of quarterback Philip Rivers. In order to make that happen the defense is going to need to shut down running back Melvin Gordon.

As I said, there are a few things I would love to see this defense start doing (beginning this Sunday). Attack quarterback Philip Rivers. Contain tight ends Gates & Hunter. Shut down running back Melvin Gordon; Last but not least, can we please get off the field on third down??

End Game

Is this a must win game? Man, at this point as far as I'm concerned, there all must win games at this point. This team needs to start playing with some consistency; While at the same time, they need to be playing winning football, not losing games. This is a perfect opportunity for the team to get themselves back on track. There's a reason we all love to call San-Diego the "super-chokers"; You and I both know that they're going to do something to screw up the game.

Now, just because the Chargers are screw-ups, doesn't mean that they are going to be an easy out. Ask the New York Football Giants. Furthermore, games within the division can be, and often are crazy. However, if the Raiders want to be taken seriously within the division, as well as the league, then it's time to stop playing, and start winning some football games.

Raider From Birth.

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