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Damali Binta – Oct 21, 2017

My biographical sketch says:

Damali Binta YAEL is a native Texan who is a lifelong learner. Her interests are sports, mathematics, music, photography, research and writing. During her college years, she met a number of football players who became NFL players. In 2007, she was inspired to do research and write about the Oakland Raiders, those who have been enshrined in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and life after professional football for a selected group of former players. She resides in Texas. During her leisure moments she loves to look at football videos, study the Hebrew language and to do community service. She has traveled to Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Egypt. She has written articles on nascent democracies, focusing on "Mathematics and Democracy." For several years, Damali has been a member of the Professional Football Researchers' Association. She published the article, "A Gleam of Dawn," telling of the magnificent victory on Dec. 6, 1970 when the Oakland Raiders defeated the New York Jets 14-13, in the last eight seconds of the fourth quarter.

The game on October 19, 2017 inspired these comments:

Since December 2007, I have been praying for several persons who attended Texas Southern University with me and this week, one of them was honored in Oakland, California when the Oakland Raiders invited the team of 1967 to celebrate 50 years, and to watch the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, October 19, 2017. I had not seen Warren Wells in 27 years and in 2007 I dreamed of his parents.  I was inspired and directed to pray for Mr. Wells since December 2007. A picture in 2008 shows a rainbow which, to me, was a promise of a blessing.  A recent picture taken at the game on Thursday night, in Oakland,  shows him with another legendary player in an elegant place of the Oakland Raiders, on October 19, 2017.  Just as the Raiders won the game in the last few seconds, so, too, we can be restored and redeemed in a twinkling of an eye! It is a beautiful and amazing journey.  Just win, baby!

Those last few seconds of the game on Thursday night reminded me of the miraculous win on December 6, 1970 at Shea Stadium, when the Raiders overcame the Jets in the last eight seconds, scoring 14-13, and winning by one point. The last few seconds of the game on October 19, 2017 was a similar, amazing event!

Thank you, Mr. Warren Wells for providing me with a ticket to the game in 1970 for that experience has prompted me to write and to continue to pursue excellence, and to persist to live the theme:  Just win, baby!

The students at the university extend their congratulations to you and the Oakland Raiders,  and they hope you heard their cheerful message, sent by voicemail! By the way, a young wide receiver is in my university class!!!!

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