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Captain Jack Rack Levy – Nov 12, 2017

Hey Raider Nation, this Pirate has NOT been confined to Davey Jones' locker, no matter what you may have thought.  I know it’s been a long time, so let’s start with something you should remember…

YAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!! Raider Nation!!  Aaaaaaaaaaah that feels good. 

For those who know me as the old salty bastard who swears a bit more than he should while espousing critical insight on OUR favorite team (the only reason you’re here is because you’re a fan of THE TEAM… the Oakland Raiders, unless you’re here to scout us for an upcoming game against a Raider foe…)

I’ve been pretty busy this year as aside from my normal full-time government job and part-time sales job hawking sports apparel, tchotchkes and hats at Pro Image Brandon, Florida. The Captain finally used his Military GI Bill and enrolled in a Broadcast Journalism (TV/Radio) course which I’m happy to say I’ve passed with flying colors.  I graduated on the Friday night prior to Veteran’s Day… very appropriate for the symbolism I’m sure. 

I had a little time post graduation to reach out to my Raider Nation family, as the Silver and Black will take a much needed weekend off just past the mid-way pole of the 2017.  Honestly, with a 4-5 record, our expectations of where we as a fan-base felt this team should be at this point is greatly disappointing I’m sure. 

After a hard-fought opening weekend victory in Nashville over a Titans squad many picked to win their division, and a blow-out of oft-trashed Jets in a home opener which had most everyone dancing for joy – including Oakland’s new running back who had come to play for this hometown team in Marshawn Lynch – It looked like a dynamic and overpowering entity would be racking up win after win this year on their way to a date in the Conference Championship game with the Patriots… or Steelers… or maybe the Chiefs. 

Except those plans seem as ancient and long lost as Caribbean shipwrecks in years prior to the 1800’s… and just as damning to the soul as the Zapruder film was to the age of Camelot in the early 1960’s, when the Raiders were a laughing-stock in the pre-Al Davis years.  What has happened since Week Two?

Whether the Raiders were looking past the Redskins towards a divisional match-up in Denver the following week on that fateful Sunday evening in Week Three… or were just torn apart by a political statement which divided the locker room is anyone’s guess, but the result was just as concrete – the Raiders had their ASSES handed to them in such a display which would have had me permanently banned by the FCC had my halftime video report been broadcast on anything other than Facebook!!

(Author’s Note: Join the Captain every halftime and after each game on FACEBOOK LIVE, as we’ll discuss the game events, statistics and general ‘feel’ for the scrimmage battles our Raiders’ currently and then completed against their opponents.  Unfortunately, my broadcast this past Sunday from the confines of Hard Rock Stadium in Davie, Florida was victimized by horrendous Wi-Fi capabilities…again my apologies). 

The loss against the Redskins was hard to stomach, and the Captain’s trip the following week to the Mile High city and the contest against the Broncos was equally distasteful, although the weekend with the Denver area Raider groups were awesome, and I thank them for their hard work.  After Week 4 and our Raiders are 2-2. 

Coming back to the friendly confines of the dilapidated (but ‘homey’) stadium off of the I-880 was just what the doctor ordered, but much like they were man-handled two weeks prior in our nation’s capital, the Ravens brought the same hard-nosed Virginia/Maryland can of whoop-ass with them out west and totally embarrassed the Raiders on our home field.  Even though the scoreboard appeared close, the Raiders were never really in the game… Two wins, three losses and an upcoming game against the lowly San Di….errrrrrr… Los Angeles Chargers as the Captain makes a trip out to Oakland for the first time this season.

After a fantastic Friday evening charity event with the Biletnikoff Foundation – give your support to Tracey’s Place of Hope, with more information at – and a Saturday of sightseeing due to the unexpected cancelation of the Raider Fan Convention (make plans to attend upcoming events with information posted here:, at least the Raiders came to play against their southern California foes. 

Unfortunately for the Raiders and their fans, the sure-footed Giorgio Tavecchio’s extra point after the Raider’s second touchdown was wide-left, although I’m placing the blame on Jon Condo’s high snap which botched this point.  Again, the Captain was in the stands as the Raiders lost a close contest by one point to the Chargers’ crew.  The Raiders were now 2-4, while the Captain’s 2017 personal game-viewing record was an abysmal 0-2! Thing have got to change…

Up and Down… Up and Down… like waves in a storm which tears at your stomach on the high seas, our Raiders haven’t figured out how to consistently right this ship… winning an incredible Thursday Night prime-time game against the hated Chiefs, then following up the next weekend with a horrific, uninspired performance in the wet, slushy and generally nasty early-winterish conditions in Upstate New York against the Bills…

…as Buffalo wore WHITE and let the Raiders wear their home BLACK uniforms?  Even more surprising… and I won’t go into the reasons why a certain Raiders’ running back wasn’t in uniform against the team which originally drafted him out of Cal Berkeley.  Raiders now at 3-5.

Another trip to Florida for the Raiders, as Oakland completes the two-season ‘round the peninsula trip and another opportunity for this Pirate to see his team live in 2017.  Much like 2016 when the Raiders decided to spend a week in Florida to accommodate their bodies to the humidity and clocks of Eastern time – with a ‘fall back’ to Daylight Savings Time thrown in just for fun – the Raiders were looking to sweep the Jags, Bucs and Dolphins for the Sunshine State trifecta, along with their second prime-time game in short succession.

… To Be Continued

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