Raiders Have Golden Opportunity To Make A Statement In Mexico City Against The New England Patriots.

Terrell White – Nov 18, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

Once again the NFL will be using the Silver & Black to help expand the brand. Last season when the Raiders travelled to Estadio Azteca, in front of a crowd of over 70,000 people they beat the Texans 27-20. With those type of attendance numbers was anyone really surprised to see the Raiders scheduled for a return trip to Mexico?

While the NFL is looking to expand, and solidify the brand, the Raiders need to be looking to prove that last season was no anomaly, and that they really are a franchise on the rise, and ready to return to dominance not only within the AFC, but within the NFL as a whole.

Raiders On O.

The question here is what are we going to get our of Raider quarterback Derek Carr. It's been clear to everyone that he has not been performing at the same level he was a season ago. Is it becasue of that phat contract he signed? Is something lingering from the injury he suffered at the end of last season? Is it new offensive coordinator Todd Downing? I don't know, and quite frankly I could careless. I only care about him getting his game right. Tom Brady is going to be on top of his game. Derek Carr is going to need to be doing the same, if the Raiders are going to come away with this victory.

Patriot head coach Bill Bilicheck is going to havae a good game plan. However, if Carr is on his game, I don't see how you can game plan to stop all of the Raiders weapons. Defensive backs Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler should be no match for Oakland wide receivers Mike Crabtree and Amari Cooper (at least on paper). Then there's emerging star wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, and tight end Jared Cook.

Throw in Seth Roberts, running backs Jalen Richard, DeAndre Washington, and Marshawn Lynch, and the Raiders should have more then enough fire power to keep the Patriots defense on its heels (at least on paper).

Raiders On D.

I read a nasty rumor somewhere that the Patriots, and Tom Brady, were going to be playing this game without two of their starting offenisve linemen. If the Raiders had proven that they could mount some form of a pass rush I might be excited.

However, I'm more concerned with Brady getting the ball out of his hands quickly, and abusing the Raiders suspect (and I'm being kind here) defensive secondary. I don't need to go into the numbers; I'm just going to be brutally honest and say that the Raider pass defense (and their defense as a whole) pretty much sucks. I can't remember a season in which this unit has gone this loing without having at least ONE interception. Are we really expecting Tom Brady to all of a sudden just start throwing picks? I don't think that is just going to happen.

Despite the Pats missing offensive linemen (right tackle Marcus Cannon and center David Andrews), having injured wide receivers (Matthew Slater and Chris Hogan) and no dominate running game to speak of, I still feel like the Raider defense is going to have its hands full. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will after all be on the field this Sunday; Not only will he be on the field, he will be going up against rookie Obi Melifonwu. The 225 lbs. 6'3 Raider rookie safety is a freak of nature, that is what you need agaisnt Gronkowski, your own freak of nature; However, the rook is making only his second NFL start, and shutting down Gronk, may be just a bit too much to ask for at this point.

With that said, defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr., head coach Jack Del-Rio, and assistant defensive head coach John Pagano can not afford to (once again) be out game planned by the opposing teams staff!!

End Game.

Saying to you that I hate the New England Patriots - doesn't even come close to describing the distain that I have for this franchise. It was hard for me to write this article, just because I was going to have to include something about them in it! I want (as does every member of Raider Nation) to see the Silver & Black destroy this over hyped, lucky to be playing in the garbage AFC East, shell of its former self, fraudulent franchise.

I don't care about the Patriots riding a 12 game road win streak. I don't care about them being the defending Super Bowl Champions. New England is a flawed team, and the right squad, playing with the right attitude can, and will expose them. If the Raiders were playing, as we were last season, I would say without question that we are that team, and this will be that game. However, the Raiders right now -- have to prove it to me.

We here in Raider Nation don't really care about the Dallas Cowboys (see ya soon ladies), and New England Patriots battling it out to be "America's Team". The Raiders are the worlds team; Which means that we're international, and beyond the boundaries of any one country. A victory in Mexico, (which should be a sea of people sporting Raider gear) not only keeps the Raiders slim playoff hopes alive, and reveals New England to be the frauds I said they were, it also reminds everyone of just aht fact; The Raiders are the Worlds Team - oppose us at your peril.

The Patriots have been, where the Raiders would like to be. However, at this point in time, the Raiders should have the better team; Now they just need to go out and prove it.

Raider From Birth.



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