Raiders Versus Broncos II: A Battle For AFC West Survival.

Terrell White – Nov 25, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

After the debacle in Mexico you had to have a feeling that someone was going to need to fall on their sword. The sacrificial lamb was easy to target; From the moment John Pagano joined the Raider staff, you had to feel that Ken Norton Jr. had an upcoming expiration date. Now that Norton Jr's time in Silver & Black has expired we're going to see what Pagano can really do. I'll be happy to see him start off with the secondary coming up with two interceptions, and a Raiders walking away with the win.

Raiders On O.

As always things start, and end with the quarterback. I'm personally looking, and expecting a bounce back game from Derek Carr, and the Raider offense. With this unit only putting up eight points in the contest against the Patriots I fully expect them to attempt to use their division rivals as fuel for their fire. One problem their going to be facing is that the Denver defense, after their unexpected loss to the New York Giants will be looking to prove a few things of their own.

This week, I'm expecting (and hoping) for more production out of running back MarShawn Lynch. Looking back on the last couple of games, he been as productive as we've ever seen him in a Raider jersey. I'm looking for the squad to get him the ball early and often. With wide receiver Amari Cooper being a drop machine this season, I don't know what to expect from him. I would say that the next man up, other than of course Raider star wide receiver Mike Crabtree, would have to be wide receiver Cordarrelle Paterson; The only problem is that Patterson is injured. Therefore, I'm anticipating another productive game from rising star, Raider tight end Jared Cook.

Raiders On D.

With Pagano no longer being handcuffed to Norton Jr. it's going to be interesting to see how the Raiders defense is going to perform. I'm going to be playing close attention to the formations they're in during certain offensive downs, and distances. Will they be passive? Will they attack? It's also going to be interesting to see how the players are going to respond to Pagano now that Norton Jr. is no longer there.

Pagano will get a break in that instead of his debut being against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, he will get Paxton Lynch, and the Denver Broncos. The Bronco rookie signal caller will be making his season debut against our Raiders. The Broncos will be starting their third quarterback of the season; This should give Pagano a nice playing field to come up with some schemes and formations that could possible have the young signal caller gift the Raiders a much needed interception or two.

I wouldn't expect Denver to rely completely on the arm of, making his first start Paxton Lynch; Lynch is more mobile then his two predecessors, and I fully expect him to test the Raider defense with his legs as well; Speaking of legs,  I would expect Denver to make every effort to get running back Jamal Charles involved in their offense attack; One best friend to a young quarterback, is a strong running game.

End Game.

Finally the Raiders have gotten around to, how did they put it? "We have relieved Ken Norton Jr. of his duties"? No matter how you want to phrase it the Raiders needed to get Ken Norton Jr. out of Silver & Black. The question now quickly could become: Who's next? New offensive coordinator Todd Downing hasn't won over many people this season; Probably because the team, hasn't won too many games. Moreover, the offensive hasn't been scoring very many points. I give you last weeks eight point performance against New England. Now, we all know that it's not all on Downing. Carr has been off target, and his receivers (we're talking about you Amari Cooper) have just been flat out dropping passes. However, as was the case with Norton Jr., someone had to fall on the sword. If the Raider offense doesn't show some marked improvement, I would be surprised to see another coaching staff casualty.

Raider From Birth.

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