Expect The New York Giants To Suffer From Shrinkage This Weekend Against The Oakland Raiders.

Terrell White – Dec 2, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

Talk about two disappointed fan bases. Last season, which seems like a very long time ago our beloved Oakland Raiders were a playoff team, sporting a 12-4 record. As for this weeks opponent, fans had to have high expectations for their New York Giants after their 11-5 season. Fast forward, and we find our Raiders struggling to keep their heads about water with a 5-6 While the Giants are suffering from some major shrinkage at 2-9.

Raiders On O.

If you've been reading my articles, then you know what I'm about to say; In talking about the Raider offense, it all starts with the quarterback. Real Talk: This has been an off (no pun indented) season for Derek Carr. On more then one occasion Carr being off target with his passes has put Raider receivers in bad positions. Last weeks victim (who will be missing in action for the contest against the Giants) was Raider wide receiver Amari Cooper. However, he won't be the only Raider receiver missing in action.

Despite the fact that wide receiver Michael Crabtree (due to no fault of his quarterback Derek Carr - this time) will be out for this game, I still love him knocking Talib right in his mouth. We should be able to survive this particular contest despite our stars playing spectators, instead of receivers. The Raider offensive this weekend will be playing at home. Moreover we're going up against the two win Giants; Who will be playing the contest with questions of their own to answer at defensive back. Janoris Jenkins has been listed on injured reserve. While second year defensive back Eli Apple has been listed as questionable for Sunday. Expect to see Seth Roberts, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Jared Cook to be targeted.

Besides, the Raiders shouldn't be focused on the passing game; They should be looking to run the ball. Last weekend we finally got to see Raider running back MarShawn Lynch be "Beast Mode" and hit triple figures; His 110 total yards last week against Denver was a season high mark. It would be foolish for the Raiders to change course now. With that said, I'm looking for the Raiders to continue to get MarShawn the ball, and involved in controlling the clock, as well as the game.

Raiders On D.

It is just me? Or did the Raider defense actually look better last weekend? Maybe I was just happy to see, or should that be not see - Ken Norton Jr. on the Raider sideline. I'll say this much about new defensive coordinator John Pagano, his timing couldn't be better. First we faced off against Denver, and their quarterback situation; Next we were gifted a game against the New York Giants, whom have a self inflicted quarterback situation. Hey, I've said it many times before, in speaking about the offense, it all starts with the quarterback. Now, if the Giants want to blame their 2 time (M.V.P.) Super Bowl winning quarterback for their problems, I'm going to let them.

I'm going to let them put the ball in the hands of gang-greens (the New York Jets) rejected quarterback Gino Smith; Nothing against Gino, hell I'm glad, after the way things went down with him and the Jets that he was able to land on his feet, and is finally getting another start. I'm just not wishing him well, this weekend against our Raiders however.

Smith is a big & mobile quarterback. He's going to need to be, because we should have him running for his life the entire time he isn't on the sidelines, or in the huddle during Sunday's contest. We're going to find out how well Gino has been studying his playbook. Despite the Raiders questionable secondary, I'm not overly concerned about the return of Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. I'm looking for the Raider secondary to come away with an interception (or two) for the second week in a row.

Nor do I feel that the Raiders defense needs to be intimidated by the New York Giants running game. I don't know too much about running back Orleans Darkwa, I know that he wasn't giving Eli Manning any help when he handed him the ball during the Giants loss to the Redskins on Thanksgiving night; Nor do I see him gaining 100 yards rushing this weekend, to help take pressure off of Gino Smith. As I said earlier, John Pagon, your timing couldn't be better.

End Game.

This just happens to be one of those crazy seasons that we see sometimes in the AFC West. However, no matter how you look at it Real Talk: the division is up for grabs; Someone is going to be crowned AFC West Champs, and head into the playoffs. I see no reason why that team can't, or shouldn't be our beloved Oakland Raiders. The team only needs to do ONE thing as we head into the last quarter of the season: Just Win Baby!!

Raider From Birth.

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