Time For The Oakland Raiders To Show The Kansas City Chiefs Who Really Runs The AFC West.

Terrell White – Dec 9, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

I will be the first to admit that this season has not gone quite the way I imagined it would; However, despite it all, as we head into the last quarter of the season our Raiders have a good shot at a division title, as well as a playoff birth. As a Raider Fanatic, what more could you ask for?

Raiders On O.

Last weekend against the New York Giants, it was no Cooper, no Crabtree, no problem. This weekend however, despite the fact (or perhaps in light of it) that the Chiefs will be without the services of suspended defensive back Marcus Peters, the Raiders are going to need big games from both; Which implies to you dear readers that this writer believes we will see Amari Cooper, as well as Michael Crabtree in action this weekend.

Nothing against wide outs Seth Roberts and Cordarrelle Patterson. However, we're not playing the Giants this weekend. We're going up against our hated division rivals in a battle for first place. Last time these two teams faced off it was a shoot out; Despite the Chiefs defense missing both Peters and Eric Berry, I have no reason not to expect the same in this contest. With that in mind, Oakland is going to need both Cooper & Crabtree this weekend. Moreover, the Raider offense is going to need to make big plays, and score points; That is if we want to have any real shot at coming away this weekend with control over the AFC West.

I'm also hoping to be right about the team getting another productive game out of running back MarShawn Lynch. Part of the reason why we had a no Cooper, no Crabtree, no problem game last weekend was because we were playing against the poorly ranked (and rightly so) New York Giants run defense; A defense that MarShawn Lynch, and the Raider running backs were able to expose and take advantage of. The good news for us, and for Lynch is that the Chiefs run defense isn't really all that much better then the Giants; Combined with the fact that Marcus Peters (part of the reason MarShawn missed most of the first contest between the Raiders and Chiefs - remember his ejection?) has been suspended for this game Lynch has no reason not to be in "Beast Mode".

Raiders On D.

I have to say that since Ken Norton Jr. was shown the door, I don't seem to hate the Raiders defense as much as I did before; With the possible exception of defensive back T.J. Carrie; Whom I more often then not seem to find on the wrong side of defensive plays. Carrie not with standing, over the last couple of weeks you've got to be feeling a bit better about what you've seen (despite playing the lowly Broncos and Giants) from the Raider defense. Thank you John Pagano; Now let us see if you can keep it going.

As we know the Chiefs are in the midst of a losing streak (been there, done that). If Oakland doesn't want to be the team that the Chiefs use to break this streak, then the first order of business for the Raider defense will be to NOT allow the Kansas City offense to find any type of comfort; Despite the fact that they will be playing at home in Arrow head. Expect Pagano to dial up the pressure K. Mack & Incorporated apply to shaken Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. We will need to continue to create turnovers!

The Raider defense can help their cause, and put even more stress on the already under pressure Smith by controlling Kansas City rookie running back Kareem Hunt. The rookie seems to have hit the wall; Now all the Raiders needs to do, is keep piling on the bricks. Truth be told I'm not overly concerned with Hunt. The player(s) that worry me (and should worry you) are tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. In the first contest both Kelce (scored a touchdown) and Hill ( over 100 yards receiving) had big games; Let's pray that we don't have to witness a repeat performance.

End Game.

The Kanas City Chiefs free fall can not be sitting well with head coach Andy Reid; Which is part of why Peters has been suspended for this weeks contest. Nor for that matter is it sitting well with any member of the Chiefs; Which is part of the reason why Peters threw the penalty flag (that got him suspended for this game) into the stands in the first place. The Chiefs right now are a hot mess, and we know what that's like now don't we Raider Nation?

Kansas City is favored, they're playing at home, and I have no doubt they're expecting to win this game; Which is going to make a Raider victory all the more sweeter. Real Talk: the way the season is shaking out the Raiders may just need the season sweep (which would be the first since 2012) as well as a run of the table, to help them seize the AFC West title. In harmony with that, as we come to the close of the regular season, and anticipate the opening of the real season, the playoffs - isn't it time for the Raiders to start stepping up the level of their play any way?

Raider From Birth.

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