Raider Nation Can Only Hope Oakland Ends Season On Positive Note.

Terrell White – Dec 30, 2017

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

As we are all painfully aware, the season has been over for quite some time now. The Raiders have no shot at post season play. Therefore, the only thing left for them to do is NOT give this last game of the season away to the Chargers; A team that actually does have something to play for.

Raiders On O.

If this last games wasn't against the Chargers... Moreover, if it wasn't against a Charger team with a playoff shot, I personally wouldn't start quarterback Derek Carr; I also would most certainly not start back-up E.J. Manuel. We're not the New York Giants after all. I, personally would give this game to Connor Cook, as well as the rest of the up and coming Raiders, who could benefit from getting some in game experience. I don't car that that this game is on the road. The playoffs are out of the question, and quite frankly we've got nothing else to play for. However, this game is against an AFC West opponent. An AFC West opponent with a playoff shot no less. For that reason alone the Raiders need to be in spoiler mode.

Last year the Raiders could leave the ball, and the game in the hands of quarterback Derek Carr. This year, the last thing the team needs to do in this contest is leave the ball, and the game in the hands of quarterback Derek Carr. The big plays that the Raider offense thrived on last season have disappeared. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned best thing the Raiders can do on Sunday, besides playing mistake free, would be to run as much MarShawn Lynch as possible.

The Raider passing game this season has been suspect. If Carr isn't missing open receivers, or getting them injured, he's having his passes being flat out dropped. The last thing I, or any other member of Raider Nation wants to watch on Sunday is Charger defensive back (and pro bowl player) Casey Hayward turning one of our quarterbacks wayward passes into a pic six.

I also, for that matter don't need to see Charger defensive end Joey Bosa, along with his defensive end counter part Melvin Gordon with their hands on quarterback Derek Carr; Both men have been destructive, and disruptive forces to opposing passing offenses. Moreover, the weakest part of the Charger defense this season has been their inability to shut down their opponents running game. Taking all this into consideration the Raiders would be crazy not to lean on MarShawn, their offensive line, and their running game.

Raiders On D.

As is always the case when facing the Chargers, you must pressure, and contain quarterback Phillip Rivers. The problem is, that's easier said (or written) then done. Part of what's being lost with the Raiders season winding down the toilet bowl is that the defense has really looked to be improved under John Pagano. I have no doubt that his plans for Rivers include dishing out heavy does of Khalil Mack; I'm curious to see what else he's going to have in store. Moreover, with this being the last game of the season, and with the team having nothing to really play for, I'm curious to see if he get these guys motivated to win.

The Chargers, for their part won't be too hard to figure out. Running back Melvin Gordon has got a bum wheel (injured ankle) so I don't expect the Chargers to look to dominate the contest using their running game. Expect Rivers to target tight end Hunter Henry. When Rivers isn't looking to stress the Raiders linebackers in coverage, look for him to use wide receiver Keenan Allen to stress our (still) questionable secondary. It's going to be interesting (one way to describe it) to see if Pagano, and company will be up to the task.

End Game.

At this point in the season there are few things left for Raider Nation to wish for; One, is that we manage to avoid what happened to us as the end of last season. The other is that we take to heart the words of former NFL coach Herm Edwards, and "play to win the game." So, with that being said here's to hoping Carr doesn't beak a leg, and the Raiders spoil the Chargers playoff chances. Just Win Baby!

Raider From Birth.

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