Oakland Raiders: Interview with Receiver Jacoby Ford

Elias Trejo – Mar 29, 2012

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jacoby Ford about Boss Global Media, being involved in the community, the 2012 NFL season and much more. After our conversation it was easy to see that the Oakland Raiders’ future is in good hands with Ford and the rest of this young team.

RNT: Tell me a little bit about your relationship with Boss Global Media?

Ford: Our relationship is great. I’m in business with them, but it really feels like a friendship more than anything. They’re great to work with and we mesh well together. They’re great people over there.

RNT: Why is it important to you to be involved in the community and with the Raider Nation?

Ford: I think it’s important because fans get to see me out of the facility, out of uniform and out of my helmet. They get to know me as the person and not the player. We have a job to do on Sundays, and to get out there and interact with fans is great and I love it. That’s why I’m always out there trying to do events outside of the facility to be around our fans to get to know them and they can get to know me as well.

RNT: How would you describe Jacoby Ford the person?

Ford: Full of energy, Goofy, I love to play jokes on people and interact with everybody. They call me the Mayor around here because I go in everybody’s office and bother everybody and get on everybody’s nerves. I just try and keep a smile on my face and everybody else’s. I’m a people person.

RNT: So when you aren’t playing football or working out, what do you like to do in your free time?

Ford: I like to play Madden on Playstation or NBA2K on the XBox, Hang out with the teammates. We like to get together and have bowling nights. I definitely like to bowl a lot. That’s one thing I picked up last year during the off season and the lockout I did a whole bunch of bowling.

RNT: So do you play with the Raiders on Madden?

Ford: Yes I do unless someone picks the Raiders and then I just pick another team. I’m pretty good at it so it doesn’t really matter who I play with.

RNT: So who’s the best bowler when you guys go out?

Ford: Well Michael Bush and I have never gone head to head, but I hear he’s really good. I guess now that he’s gone I’m the best bowler. It’s definitely me.

RNT: So do you have a hobby or thing you like to do that maybe most fans don’t know about?

Ford: Cartoons. I love to watch cartoons a lot. Like the old school Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life. I’m a big kid basically.

RNT: Rocko’s Modern Life was one of my favorite shows so I know Rocko’s boys were Heffer and Filbert. Who would be Heffer and Filbert on the team?

Ford: Well if I’m Rocko, then Heffer would probably be (Darrius) Heyward-Bey and Filbert would probably be Louis Murphy. (Laughs)

RNT: Last year was a crazy year in Oakland with the passing of Al Davis, Jason Campbell going down, Carson Palmer coming in and all of the injuries, how did you stay focused?

Ford: It was tough because I was out too, but you have to be there mentally for your teammates. It’s tough when you aren’t out there on the field helping them out because you want to be there so bad but your body is not physically able. So McFadden, Campbell and I just stayed with each other and kept ourselves motivated. Its hard times when you have to sit out and watch your teammates going into battle and I just made sure I was there to support them in any way that I could. It’s tough because you want to be out there so bad and you just can’t go.

RNT: So are you healthy now? Are you ready for the new season?

Ford: Ya definitely. I’m ready to go, feeling good and I’m really excited for the season coming up. It’s going to be different, it’s going to be a whole new team and we have a new regime here now. I definitely think we’re going to be just fine this year.

RNT: Why do you think the Raiders have a better receiving group than most people give you credit for?

Ford: We’re just young and we’re always willing to learn and we always want to learn. That is what is going to separate us from everyone because we are young and we have the hunger and desire to be the best. We all push each other a lot too so that definitely helps. We try to challenge each other and support each other because we always want somebody to do well. We know it’s going to be somebody’s day one day and somebody’s day the next so we support each other want us all to do well. We know we’re not going to have four or five receivers with over 100 yards so we just go out and do our jobs and support each other. We’re all close and are a family and I think the camaraderie with each other is great.

RNT: How was the transition to Carson Palmer mid way through the season?

Ford: He’s good. It always takes a while to get used to a new quarterback especially when you are used to a different quarterback and the change happens mid season, but it’s something you have to be able to adjust to. Carson was cool and we definitely starting getting things right for each other and the camaraderie grew and our relationship grew quickly in a short period of time. We made sure we stayed out there and worked out together as much as possible.

RNT: It is a “New Era” in Oakland, how would you describe Reggie McKenzie?

Ford: He wants to win. He is going to put the right guys in this building and in this organization that will take care of us and help us win. I definitely think it’s going to be all uphill from here and he’s doing a great job.

RNT: What are your thoughts on Dennis Allen?

Ford: I like Coach Allen. He’s energetic and he’s ready to get after it. He’s got that winners mentality and I’m definitely looking forward to playing for him.

RNT: What should the fans expect from Jacoby Ford?

Ford: They should expect me to go out there and play hard for my teammates, the fans and play for myself last. It doesn’t matter what they have me do, whether it’s receiving, returning kicks or playing out of the backfield. I’ll do whatever my team asks me to do and play my role as best as I can and make plays every chance that I get.

RNT: Its draft time in the NFL, how was your draft experience and what advice would you have to any athlete wanting to make it into the NFL?

Ford: It was a great experience and something I had been waiting for all of my life. I spent it with my family and the morning of the 4th round I got a phone call from a 510 number that I’ve never seen and it was Coach Cable asking me if I wanted to be a Raider. As far as kids looking to be in the NFL make sure you get your grades right in high school so you can get into college, stay focused and stay out of trouble and just make the right decisions.

We’d like to thank Jacoby Ford for his time. Make sure you follow him on Twitter @JacobyFord12

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