Oakland Raiders Super Fan: Wayne 'The Violator' Maybry

John Doublin – Jun 12, 2012

It's no secret that the Oakland Raiders have one of the most rabid, intimidating, notorious, diverse and, shall we say, "colorful" fan bases in all of professional sports. Rumors abound about how Raider fans are villains, criminals and, for lack of a better word, thugs.

Whenever the mainstream sports media does a report on fan violence, inevitably said report is filed from O.co coliseum in Oakland.

But, is that really true in this day and age? Sure, some of that persona was perpetuated by the fans themselves, some of it comes as a result of how the Raiders played in the 1960's and 70's, but does it still hold true?

The answer is a resounding "no."

Take for example, the most photographed, most identifiable Raiders' "Super Fan" and the subject of this article, Wayne "The Violator" Maybry.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Maybry lived in an area that didn't have a local NFL team, so the teams that were broadcast most frequently on his local stations were the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know—sad existence, isn't it?

However, Wayne made the best of it by rooting for whatever team was the rival of his friends' teams. He noticed rather quickly that the Raiders were hated by most every Chiefs and Steelers fan and seemed to play those teams a lot.

As if he needed another reason, he also noticed the color scheme and the logo of the men from the east bay really appealed to him. The silver and black uniforms were unlike all the other "fruit of the loom teams," (his words, not mine) in the league and the crossed swords and shield reminded him of the times of knights and kings—an ideal that fascinates him to this day.

So there it was, Wayne Maybry was an Oakland Raiders fan living in Mississippi in 1970. With that came an undying desire to move to California. Wayne even told his mother he was going to make this move somehow, some way, some day.

The time came in 1977. Wayne packed his bags and caught a ride with some friends that were also planning a similar move. Like most mothers, Wayne's mom worried about his lack of money and the fact that her son didn't know a soul in the Golden State. "My baby's crazy" she said as her son moved to Los Angeles.

Arriving in the City of Angels with a mere $27 in his pocket, Wayne found work as a union carpenter and began building his life. He watched the Raiders on television, but was never in a position to make the six-hour drive to Oakland to see the games in person.

That all changed in 1982 when the late, great Al Davis moved the Raiders to Los Angeles. From there Wayne decided, "it's on!" He began attending games as regularly as finances and work /articleimages/alsbtrophy.jpgschedule would allow.

Having witnessed some of the best teams in Raiders history, including the Super Bowl XVIII championship team live and in person, Wayne was hooked on Raider football, now more than ever.

In 1990, he took his fandom to the next level and began painting his face and donning the spiked shoulder pads he's so well known for now. He adopted the persona of "The Violator." When asked why that particular name he said, "because it's the ultimate title for killing quarterbacks."

These days, Wayne is still a union carpenter of 34 years, still a die-hard Raiders fan and travels the six hours to Oakland on Sundays to see his team play live at every home game.

When asked about the current state of the Raiders and the job new general manager Reggie McKenzie is doing he says:

"We'll just have to wait and see. People have been going on, promising championships and fans have been buying in to the hoopla for 10 years now, and nothing has come of it. The jury is still out and the proof is in the pudding. Only the [Raiders'] record will tell us if all these changes are good or bad. I'm not going to commit to anything yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic, like I am every year."

Though the mainstream media and "haters" of all varieties like to characterize Raider fans, and Wayne specifically, as thugs and up to no good, Wayne offers one, simple rebuttal to that mentality:

"Don't judge a book by its cover. You've never met me, you've never spoken to me, so you don't know jack about me."

Now, there is more talk of the Raiders moving back to Los Angeles. Even though that's where he lives, Wayne seems to be torn on this issue, stating:

"I have mixed feelings about that, you know? I mean, on one hand, it would be better for me financially because I wouldn't have to make the trip to Oakland eight or more times a year, but on the other hand, Los Angeles doesn't fit the persona of the Raiders. The Raiders are a blue-collar, hard-working team that's a little rough and raw. That's Oakland. That's not L.A.."

Whether in Oakland or L.A., I wouldn't count on Wayne missing any games in the near future.

These days, Wayne spends his off time on more civic and philanthropic pursuits. He offers his time to several children's and cancer charities and lends his name and persona to other entities that are working hard to reduce fan violence at all sporting events.

/articleimages/violatorcharity.jpgThe Silver and Black Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Joe Martinez in the memory of his father, Art. They are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for cancer research and providing opportunities for children and adults throughout many communities. (Click the above link for more information.)

While researching this article, I came across a great example of what Wayne and the people at The Silver and Black Angel Foundation are doing in the community on TheDowneyBeat.com. As you can see by the official photo in that article, Wayne believes in this foundation and is heavily involved.

Raider Nation 4 Life Car Club puts on a car show every year in Lakewood, CA called "Cruise For A Cause," the proceeds of which go to benefit families in need in the Long Beach, CA area. Wayne and other Raider Super Fans support this cause and do what they can to help.

Wayne hopes to have his custom 2000 Chevy Silverado finished and entered into these shows in the near future.

Fans Against Violence, (FAV) is a non-profit organization started by Raider fan Kathy Samoun and is dedicated to ending violence in the stands at sporting events. Although Wayne isn't directly involved with FAV, he does lend his time and his name to their cause saying:

"I don't get to help them very often, but I absolutely support everything their doing over there, so I help when I can, because real fans don't cross that line. We should leave the violence on the field."

FAV is also a partner site to Raider Nation Times and can be found in the "our partners" section of our home page.

In addition to all of these great causes, Mr. Maybry also lends his time to the Toys for Tots program and the Ontario, CA Fire Department for their annual toy drive and fund raising events in Ontario, CA.

Needless to say, there is much more to this man than the spiked shoulder pads, face paint and intimidating name. He's a geniunely caring and giving individual.

Wayne has also begun to plan for his retirement. He's started his own fitness apparel line called Modo-Sports which specializes in reasonably-priced fitness apparel for the entire family. From youngsters to adults, Modo-Sports has the right fitness clothing for you to "Get it done!"

Ultimately, Wayne Maybry has a lot of heart, a lot of drive, and a lot more to offer this world that simply being the most iconic Raider fan in the world. He does everything he can to help children, cancer sufferers and dispelling the myths about Raider fans being nothing but thugs.

"I just want to put to rest the notion that Raider fans are just thugs. We're a lot more than that, and as long as I'm on the top side of the ground, that's what I'm going to do!"

Actions speak louder than words, and looking at the actions of Wayne Maybry, Raider fans must be some of, if not the, most giving fans in all of professional sports. Every Raider fan in the world should thank Mr. Maybry for undoing some of what has been done to the reputation of Raider fans.

In the future, Wayne hopes to build a custom "Violator" R.V., (either by sponsorship or from his own pocket) and travel the country doing charity work, attending Raider games and trying to put to rest the rumors and misconceptions about the greatest fan base in all of professional sports.

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