2012 Raiders Training Camp - Let's Get This Sucka Kicked Off!

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Aug 4, 2012

So training camp has finally arrived, and I was thinking about what to opine here in my weekly ‘Hey… HowUUUUUUUUUUUdoin?!?!’ piece, when all of a sudden, subconsciously I heard some familiar lyrics, courtesy of Roger Waters dance through my mind…

So ya thought ya might like to go to the show.

To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow.

Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine? Is this not what you expected to see?

If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes, you'll just have to claw your way through this disguise.

For all my faithful  readers who know on a good night I can spin a mix of Rock and Roll, Movie Soul, and Raiders Gol... errrrrrr… Silver into an article, how else can you welcome an audience other than some good ol’ Pink Floyd to start the ‘Real’ Raider 2012 season, ‘eh?

(Unless you’re playing some Ted Nugent - Stranglehold, but I usually use that as desired bumper music whenever I call the Rayda Joe Show…  Tuesday night’s 8-10PM Eastern time at Radio 910, Richmond Virginia during the football season.)

Yeah Juron, you’re really here…  In The Flesh? … and finding out what holding out for a mere few hours (but most importantly, some bad juju in the media) can cost you when you’re sitting on the sideline and watching receivers like Eddie McGee and Rod Streater light it up early.  Was that really worth 14K (or whatever it cost you) Shipmate?

/meatballs-1979-movie-poster.jpgYes Virginia (and all other Raiders and Raiderettes) Camp McKenzie / Allen is not a "Camp North Star" pleasure trip with 'Tripper' as your Head Counselor!!

But you’re not the only one Mr. Criner, as you’re joined by a slew of others that are here to show off their wares in the hope that you will be wearing Silver and Black, not just now, but when it counts the first week of September. 

However, unlike past years when players under the ‘Davis Scholarship' (Sam Williams… James Jett… to name two) could merely go through the motions and know that they’d be on the roster come Game Week One...

... “Camp McKenzie” under the tutelage of Head Counselor Dennis Allen has changed the game – literally – in one fell swoop.  No Juron, you’re not at Camp North Star anymore, (or anything that resembled the laid-back, feel-good, beer swilling Raider Camps of old) but more along the lines of Camp Mohawk, minus the ‘Privileged Rule’ concept or Spaz even thinking about scoring with the hot blonde.

Indeed, the days when Kenny, Tooz, Stork, Fu and the boys would caravan after practice to run ‘the circuit’ has long passed… even days in Napa where an assistant coach can get punched out behind closed doors… errrrr... ALLEGEDLY, (so as to keep the legal folks happy here) are still but a distant memory, (and that was a mere two-three years ago folks!!)

Today’s camp has seen a fresh start, and although it doesn’t resemble a Soviet Gulag to date, I get the feeling that woe be the player that isn’t ‘cutting it’ – do you hear me Travis Ivey? Travis decided to come to camp ‘out of shape,’ even though he is the ONLY player currently on roster who would be the defacto nose tackle in a 30 front. 

Better cut back on the McDonald’s rations Mr. Ivey, as that cost Mario Henderson… LAST YEAR … although Mario decided to get in shape and is now stinking it up as a back-up revolving door at left offensive tackle behind Jared Gaither per early camp reports out of San Diego, (he did look a HELL of a lot leaner when I saw him at the Louis Murphy bowling night a month ago, but I digress). 

No, this camp is indeed DIFFERENT, if not only from the fact that it’s the first time in 50 years that Raider patriarch Al Davis isn’t roaming the sideline and commanding his presence… just the feel that THIS YEAR is indeed the start of a ‘New Era of Excellence’ as attested by the cover of the 2012 Raider Media guide. 

Sure, you can look at the names in camp, and figure out at least 53 that SHOULD make the team … but don’t set the roster just yet Mateys…

… and you can look at some other names and almost play Carnac the Magnificent while postulating that somehow, someway that Marquette King will get some phantom injury and wind up on the IR for this year – which spells a tell-tale ‘Watch Out Shane’ when it comes to the All-Pro Punter’s roster spot and salary for 2013, but I may be getting a bit ahead of myself…

After all, this is only the first year of Reggie taking a Sailor’s ‘Round Turn’ on those ‘Out of Whack’ salaries that cost Kamerion Wimbley, Stanford Routt and Kevin Boss their roster spots THIS YEAR, but I’m sure we’ll bid them a nice ‘HowUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUdoin?!?!’ when we see them again in Oakland and Kansas City later, and possibly either in Tennessee or Oakland for Kam if both the Raiders and Titans make the Playoffs...

Playoffs?  Yes, indeed I AM getting ahead of myself, as we’ve just started the first week of Raider Camp 2012, and hope does spring eternal.

But back to point, Mr. Criner and Mr. Ivey and all the rest of your mates, I can only offer you another dose of Floyd as you prepare for the remaining days of Raider Training Camp 2012:

As seen in the picture below, are these the anguished faces and screams of our Raiders who have given their all in body and soul to a team ready to make 'the next step'? OR is it of Raider Nation Fans who are sick of being kept out of the Playoffs for the last decade? We may find out soon enough...

/pinkfloydthewall2.jpgYou better make your face up in your favorite disguise. With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes.

With your empty smile and your hungry heart, feel the bile rising from your guilty past.

With your nerves in tatters, when the cockleshell shatters.

And the hammers batter down the door.

You better run

And until you get in shape Travis, you better Run Like Hell another two or three laps, too!!

Take care Raider Nation, and again, my thanks to Roger Waters (and Bill "Tripper" Murray) who aptly prodded my thoughts for this piece…

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