Jason Tarver: The Mad Chemist

Dr. Nick Chicoine – Aug 15, 2012

The human body is a fascinating organism; it is an involuntarily self regulating super computer.  The human body is so sophisticated in fact, that the last thing it ever does is try to heal itself.  A football team is very much like a human body.  Each player, in each position has a specific responsibilities, for specific circumstances, in order to achieve victory as a whole. 

On March 19th 2012 I wrote an article entitled “Trimming the Fat.”  In this article I explained how a healthy football team and a healthy body are analogous.  I even used the Aristotle quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Well to my surprise in a recent interview Dennis Allen was asked “How do you balance pre-season performances in games vs. practice?”  He responded with:

 “The evaluation process, it’s not a piece by piece process.  You take in the whole, the sum of all the parts.”

Who better to understand this concept than a Defensive Coordinator with a Masters in Bio-Chemistry?  Jason Tarver has earned nothing but positive reviews from both Dennis Allen and the players.  He is referred to by the Oakland Raiders defense as “The Mad (Bio) Chemist,” because of his ability to draw up creative plays.  He is the “Heisenberg” of the Oakland Raiders, but without all the Meth (Breaking Bad reference). 

Dennis Allen complimented Tarver after the game in a press conference where he said he thought Tarver (JT) called a great game.  In a post game interview, Mike Mitchell (Raider-X) had this to say regarding the defense:

“This is just what coach Tarver, and Coach Allen’s scheme can do. We’ve always had the talent, and this defense is not predictable, we’re all going to come from everywhere.  The safeties have a lot more top down room so we just have a lot of opportunities to make plays and get after the quarterback.”

Mitchell is so confident in this system he went on to call on the Raider Nation to fill the seats at the next home game against the Lions.  Mitchell said they owed the fans for last year’s heartbreaking loss in the final minutes.  He even went as far to say:

“We’re gonna pound them, I don’t even know if I should say that, but yeah I just said it. We’re gonna pound them.” 

Sure Mitchell just gave the Lions some pretty good locker room material, but why shouldn’t he be excited?  The Oakland Raider’s defense played so well against Dallas, that even their reserve players made the Cowboys look inadequate.  Besides, a little trash talking in the pre-season never hurt anybody.

For once, in a long time I could watch the Raiders defense and breathe easy.   I was able to watch a third down without getting anxious.  It was as if I had a Chuck Bresnahan sized tumor removed from my lungs.  If this is how good Oakland’s defense looks in the first pre-season game, I’m excited to see what this unit can become by opening day.

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