A Raider Induction In Canton . . . Indeed!

Captain Jack Rack Levy – Aug 18, 2012

Before I talk about the much awaited first game of the McKenzie/Allen/’New Raiders’ era or even our game against the Cards (which will be finished by the time this piece posts), I’d like to go back to the previous weekend… to the first weekend in August and the festivities at Canton, Ohio at a certain structure devoted to the true (since at least the late 1960’s) ‘National Pastime’ of American Professional Football. 

Yes, every year you will hear from an abundant number of knowledgeable Raider fans that crash the airwaves – media or otherwise – with exhortations if not downright blood-curdling screams of injustice how this ‘place to rename nameless’ has a distinct lack of ‘Missing Pieces’ to their storied history of greatness…

After all, this IS the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and there are some noticeably absent honorees that should be included in these hallowed halls. 

How about the only Quarterback and Head Coach who have won the Super Bowl multiple times… not in the HOF? If you’re saying ‘Yeah, Brady and Bellicheat aren’t in there’ you’re missing the point, since as soon as both of the B&B couple retires from football and wait their requisite number of years, eventually some dunderheaded individuals – read biased Pro Football Writers – will get those two into the building.  And I haven’t even mentioned (until now) Manning/Coughlin either…

But the point remains… who is the only NON-ACTIVE tandem of QB/HC that have won multiple Lombardi trophies that currently are not inducted at Canton?

That would be one Jim Plunkett and his coach, some trail-blazing former QB himself named Tom Flores, and that is just plain WRONG!

And while I’m continuing my Dennis Miller-esque diatribe, how can the greatest punter of ALL TIME, who has an award named after him in the College Football ranks (must be some talented individual, ‘eh) not be in the Hall of Fame? Try explaining that to one Ray Guy, year after year after despicably heart-breaking year. 

/articleimages/cantonoverdue.jpgHow about another round of America’s favorite game show, “Let’s Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Some Comparisons!!” starring Cliff Branch VS. Lynn Swann and/or John Stallworth, as well as Kenny Stabler VS Bob Griese and/or Joe Namath.  If you look at just the numbers, let alone the All-Pro/All-Star citations, Cliff and Kenny make the HOF every day of the week…

…unless you live in the real world and realize they’re not inducted into Canton.  I once had to prove on a bar bet that Kenny WASN’T in the Hall, as some drunk (to go along with ignorant) lout insisted ‘The Snake’ was in Canton. 

Wow, talk about having to prove something that sickens you every time the subject comes up, but this poor moron at least KNEW who Kenny Stabler WAS, unlike some totally brain-dead current ‘Stiller (SIC) who has NO CLUE who the hard-drinking, harder-living left-handed ball-slinging loveable redneck from Alabama IS!! Hey James Harrison, if you’re that bereft of brain cells, you can at least use that ‘Google’ function on your smart phone I’m sure you’re toting somewhere on your person. 

Talking about hard-hitting, game-changing and ‘sticky fingered’ defensive backs missing, I offer you not just one but two – Lester ‘the Molester’ Hayes and Jack ‘the Assassin’ Tatum (RIP). 

Finally bringing this dysfunctional travesty of justice to a semi-conclusion, I bring to your attention a Wide Receiver who is a ‘Top Five All-Time’ leader in yards and receptions (and ‘Top Six’ for touchdowns, not including those on kick returns) who also happens to have some hardware you may have heard about previously – the Heisman Trophy – to his credit, none other than one ‘Touchdown’ Timmy Brown. 

Yes, another year has gone by, with another year of ‘Raider Snubs’ by the writers of Plunkett, Flores, Guy, Branch, Stabler, Hayes, Tatum, and Brown… and it sickens me no end. 

But for those saying there weren’t any Raiders inducted in Canton that weekend, you would be categorically and 110% WRONG, too!! True, this person wasn’t inducted INTO the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he was inducted AT ceremonies on the grounds of the HOF, as well as participating in a fantastic parade through the city of Canton with the rest of his fellow inductees.

So, I give to you… the 2012 inductee from Raider Nation into the Professional Football Ultimate Fans Association (PFUFA) - none other than ‘Crusher’ Nick C. III! 


Crusher joins some memorable and well-known fans of the Nation – Mark S. aka ‘Spike,’ Wayne M. aka ‘The Violator,’ Steve M. aka ‘Raider Mort,’ Ron R. aka ‘Raider Ron,’ Charles Y. aka ‘Darth Raider,’ Dan S. aka ‘Hardcore,’ Tony P. Jr., Mark A. aka ‘Gorilla Rilla,’ Kirk B. aka ‘Kingsford Kirk,’ Barb S. aka ‘Gotti Raider,’ Jerry W. aka ‘Raider Jerry,’ and Jeff W. aka ‘Michigan Raider’ – quite an exalted group of respected fans known the world over.

The mission of the PFUFA is simple yet important – the promotion of fellowship of all teams’ fans, the encouragement of sportsmanship as well as the support of charitable activities.  This fraternity of ‘Super Fans’ from throughout the NFL endeavors to bring out the true spirit of fandom – supporting your team without destroying the fans of your opponent’s team, i.e. love the fans, loathe (if you will) your adversary – is important in this day and age of brawls, scuffles, maimings, shootings and even the killing of fans wearing ‘Enemy Colors.’ There is no reason you can’t be a true FANatic and yet be a HUMAN emulating the positive traits we look for in leaders of our community, so hats off to the PFUFA, and to our newest Raider inductee – ‘Crusher’ Nick!

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