Raider Nation Questions and Concerns: Should the Oakland Raiders Offense Be This Bad?

Elias Trejo – Aug 20, 2012

Once a week I will take a few minutes to answer any questions and concerns the Raider Nation may have. This week we had several great questions submitted. Let's take a look at a few concerns coming straight from the Raider Nation on Twitter.

Paul Magallanez (@Papa_Bear_Paul): Should I be worried about the way Carson Palmer has been playing?

That's a great question Paul. I'm sure a lot of the Raider Nation is scratching their heads right now. Many expected him to look sharper after finally having an offseason to work with his receivers. John Doublin breaks down what is his fault and not his fault in his latest piece.

In my opinion I think there is still time for him to correct his issues. It is concerning that he is making bad decisions on his interceptions. It's important to get those decisions on film for him to correct them. We'll have a better idea of where he is in their next preseason game against the Detriot Lions. If we see no progression and he cannot get the offense moving then we have a problem. Starting Matt Leinart should be an option if Palmer continues to struggle in the offseason and into the regular season. Leinart seems more comfortable in the offense right now because he's played in it for two years. Thanks again for the question.

KingWill24 (KingWill24): Are the Raiders needing a backup vet WR or another RB?

This is also a great question. With the injuries to Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore and the poor performance of running back Mike Goodson, you'd have to think Reggie McKenzie is starting to get concerned. The Raiders should be looking at a veteran receiver and running back soon. Odds are they'll be picking up a player or two after teams cut down their roster to 53 players. Expect the Raiders to keep around 50 to 51 guys from the current roster and leaving a space or two to fill up a spot with a free agent.

Plaxico Burress and Ryan Grant are two guys that come to mind. If Oakland loses McFadden their chances of making the playoffs will take a big hit, unless they can come up with a strong running back committee. It's hard to tell what they have with Goodson and Taiwan Jones as they have not been on the field long enough to view their production in games. Oakland should look into a veteran wide receiver whether their guys are healthy or not because other than Rod Streater, nobody has really impressed in the preseason games.

Robert Vigil (@RobV_13) Is O.Co planning on any changes to the infield dirt for the MNF Season opener?

While I haven't spoken to the O.Co reps, I would guess they keep the infield dirt during their opener. A few years ago when they opened on Monday Night against the San Diego Chargers the infield dirt was left on the field. The Oakland A's will be in Anaheim playing the Angels and will return to host the Orioles on Friday. So my guess is the stadium will not be altered for the opener. 

Raider (@MTLRaiders514): Palmer over/under for  24 INTs?

I believe Palmer will throw less than 20 INTs in 2012. As he continues to feel more comfortable with the offense Palmer will improve. The offense is designed to give him multiple options and in most cases safe check downs. As long as he continues to learn from his current mistakes and give the ball to Darren McFadden, Palmer will have a solid season. I may be in the minority, but I still feel that Palmer will have the best season out of any QB's in the AFC West. His receivers are underrated and he'll get a lot more receiving production from his RB's in 2012.

Terrell Randall: (BrainsNBodyToo): Tre, y is our offense so pathetic so far? Plax an upgrade over Bey?

There's a lot of reasons why our offense is struggling. I don't think anyone expected it to struggle this bad, but it can only get better. McFadden isn't playing the whole game, receivers are injured, Palmer is learning the offense and the offensive line is adjusting to a new scheme. You should see improvement against the Lions as the starters will play deeper into the game.

The scheme will also open up a lot more when the season begins. I don't think Plaxico Burres is an upgrade over Darrius Heyward-Bey. I expect DHB to have his best year in 2012. Burress is a veteran that I believe needs to be brought in regardless of who Oakland has on the roster. His size and experience make him a great addition to the team and he'd come at a bargain price. My guess is that the Raiders are waiting to see what happens in the third preseason game before they make any other moves. 

All these questions were great. If you have any you'd like to submit follow me on Twitter @Elias_Trejo and follow The Raider Nation Times on @RNTimes

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