Still Reeling

Jon York – Nov 16, 2012

It's been long enough, time for me to confess.  I've been waiting and waiting... Hoping to give you at least a love/hate perspective on the first half of the season or as much as a positive outlook for the second half.

I can't wait anymore.

As a fan I am still reeling - I just can't shake the hangover of the last two weeks.

I thought I couldn't be more disgusted after the Miami game. Then the Broncos game took me to a new low for 2012. Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Kansas City gave me hope. I called for Raider Nation to have patience, that things were looking up.

Then Tampa Bay rolled through the Raiders. Then the Ravens train left Oakland smeared on the tracks.

Elias Trejo has suggested that the Raiders are who we had hoped they weren't... They are more than that - they are looking worse than I had imagined they could possibly be.

97 points in two weeks. Add in one of those earlier disasters and that is more points than that team across the bay has given up all season.

For their season the Raiders are giving up 31.6 points per game. If that were to hold it would be the sixth worst scoring average allowed in NFL History. Let that sink in, and then follow it with this: last year (also with a beat up secondary) Chuck Bresnehan had the defense allowing four and a half fewer points per game.

When the Raiders lose they don't mess around - they lose big. The average margin of loss is 18.2 points. Four losses have been by double digits. Conversely, two wins were by only three points and called for fourth quarter comebacks to get them. Only once have the Raiders enjoyed a double digit win.

It's not just point differential however - it's when the differentials occur. The Raiders have been outscored 51-32 in the first quarter. In the third quarter opponents have put up 109 points to Oakland's 31. 109-31. Being outscored by 78 in the third has turned three halftime leads into losses....

Over the second and fourth quarters the Raiders have broken even overall - thanks to some good two minute drives and furious comebacks. In the even number quarters they look like a viable NFL team.

The game and half openers are what have me worried. Those are the coaches quarters. Players should be rested and it's the chance for coaches to show they have the team prepared and can make adjustments.

The Raiders are failing miserably. More specifically the coaches are failing miserably. Week to week Oakland's coaches are looking woefully inept and unable to counter their opponents moves.

As tough as it was to see Tampa Bay's run game punk the Raiders up and down the field in the second half the Ravens game was the culmination of everything wrong with this team. Oakland failed in every aspect of the game. Special teams allowed two touchdowns and turned the ball over. The defense allowed 34 points before forcing a punt. The offense was shutout in the first quarter for the first time all year.

In a season of less ups than downs this was a new low - a complete and utter failure in every aspect. On the bright side there should be nowhere to go but up - I just can't see any more of a bright side.

As I said, usually by now I find something - real or imagined - that gives me hope for the next game. Not this time. The players don't give me hope. The coaches don't give me hope. The size of the injured list doesn't give me hope.

This is not to say I won't root for them, because I always will. I'm not saying I've folded on this regime - it was just two weeks ago I was preaching patience. All I trying to say is that usually hope comes easy to me. It has always been there for me. After the last two weeks I need some help... I need this team to show me a ray of hope.

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