Who's Helping McKenzie & Allen Draft Future Oakland Raiders?

Terrell White – Jan 12, 2013

Holla At Me Raider Nation!

I really want to write about what's been on my mind; Which of course would be the people Reggie McKenzie has placed in charge of college scouting. However, I want to say something about Rolando McClain.

From what I've heard, there's been another arrest. To be honest, I haven't really looked into the situation. I believe it was some nonsense about his cars window tint, but I couldn't tell you what happened; Really, I don't care. I know it's some nonsense that has nothing to do with anything. 

Ro's main problem, ain't the cops. Every black man, from the inception of this county has inherited a problem with the police; If you've ever been stopped for D.W.B. (driving while black) then I know you understand.

McClain's problem, is that he's not productive. He's 6'3 250, but he plays like he's 5'9 175. Now that's fine, if you're a wide receiver; Devastating if you happen to be a middle linebacker. 

Now I could be wrong, I am after all only human (borrowing from The Matrix Reloaded) but I could swear that Ray Lewis was up against a murder charge during the Ravens' Super Bowl weekend, of all occasions; Whenever it was, doesn't really matter Ray survived it. Hell, the man is probably going to be a first ballot hall of famer. 

Ray, unlike Ro, is productive, and always has been. Anyway, isn't this Oakland? The Raiders don't do squeaky clean. We like slightly dirty; Which is why if McClain was productive, was crushing backs (quarter-backs, running- backs, full-back, you get the picture) into little cubes like those machines do to old cars, this story would be a non-factor.  

The position, on the football field occupied by McClain is too important to the Raiders to be held by an unproductive player. The middle linebacker, as we all know is the quarterback of your defense. If the defensive minded Dennis Allen can't work with McClain, I have no doubt that he's got McKenzie's people looking for a player that he can, (perhaps Manti Te'o, out of Notre Dame).

No matter how things work out, McKenzie and company have important draft decisions to make. With that in mind, I finally had a reason to delve into my Raiders' Media Guide and remind myself who on the player personnel staff is responsible for college scouting.


Clinkscales holds the title: Player Personnel Director. He also happens to be a lifelong friend of Reggie McKenzie; The two were teammates in high school, as well as college. However that doesn't mean that he's not qualified. Clinkscales is a former player; He was a wide receiver for the Steelers, as well as the Buccaneers (1987-1988). Clinkscales began his off the field career as a part time scout for the Steelers (1989-1993).

After leaving Pittsburgh Clinkscales worked his way up the ladder with the New York Jets; Where he spent the last 17 seasons before joining Reggie in Oakland. Clinkscales, before becoming vice president of college scouting first served as a southeast region scout for the Jets. In 2002 he was promoted to National Scout. As a member of the Jets organization Clinkscales was charged with overseeing the teams entire college scouting operation (including their preparations for the NFL Draft). 


Herock holds the title: Director of College Scouting; Which was the title he held in Green Bay for the past 11 seasons. Shaun also happens to be a Raider Legacy; Herock's father, Ken Herock is a former Raider player. Moreover, he (Ken Herock) also served Oakland in the personnel department. Furthermore, he's said to have played an important role in building Oakland's Super Bowl XI championship team; He's also worked with Ron Wolfe when the Bucs entered the league during expansion.

Therefore, it would appear that Shaun has been groomed from childhood to serve in a scouting/personnel capacity for the NFL; He's been doing this for 25 years. The former Raider ball boy, and Atlanta Falcon player (1989-1992) began his off the field career as a summer intern in the scouting department of the Green Bay Packers; Where he spent 18 years working with Reggie McKenzie. In 1994 the summer intern became a full time scout for the Packers, and the rest is history.


(Well, the kids got a great name - if that counts for anything) 2012 saw Atlas in his first year as a Scouting Coordinator (making him yet another rookie in personnel that Raider Nation has to deal with). Before joining Oakland in 2011 he was a football operations/personnel assistant for the Cleveland Browns. Atlas began his career in 2008 as an intern in the player personnel department of the New York Jets.


(Yes, that Calvin Branch) The former Raider (1997-2001, 2005) Has some interesting aspects to his background; After spending 2001 in Oakland Calvin spent 2002 playing in NFL Europe. In 2003 Branch joined the Raiders player personnel staff. However, after spending the 2004 season with the Raiders, as a member of the front office Branch made his return to the field; Where he spent the 2005 season. After hanging up the cleats Branch settled in as a member of the Oakland Raiders college scouting staff.


(Yes, that Zack Crockett) The former Raider fullback (1999-2006) has spent the last four seasons in Oakland as a member of the franchise's player personnel staff. Zack scouts the southeastern region of the NCAA. The southeastern region is comprised of: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M, & Vanderbilt. 


The name Mickey Marvin should be very familiar to Raider Nation. The Man after all has been a member of the franchise for over 30 years; Which means only one thing: The man is a RAIDER; However, for the purposes of my article we'll chronicle some of his bio information. Currently Marvin is listed as a college scout for Oakland. Mickey was selected by the Raiders in the fourth round of the 1997 draft. During the 11 seasons he wore Silver & Black he was a dominate offensive linemen, and member of the Raiders championship teams of Super Bowls XV and XVIII.


McCloughan should also be considered as a Raider Legacy; David is the son of former Raider defensive back, and scout Kent McCloughan; Kent played for Oakland 1965-1969, and along with Willie Brown was a master of the "Bump & Run" style. David originally worked for the Raiders personnel department from 1996-2004, and returned to the team in 2011. During his time away from Oakland McCloughan worked as the director of college scouting for San Francisco.


As Raider Nation is aware, Raleigh is the brother of Reggie McKenzie. Raleigh is an NFL veteran; Having played for the Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and on the championship teams of the Washington Redskins (Super Bowls XXII and XXVI).


Trey is in his first year of scouting for the Oakland Raiders; He spent last season in the player personnel department of the Washington Redskins. Trey is the scout of the Midwest region; Which is comprised of: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.


Kaplan has spend the last five seasons in Oakland. A business graduate from Cal Poly Kaplan's role has been to assist the Raiders as a member of their personnel department. His current duty is to scout the west coast area for the Raiders. 


For this article I've only listed the men who are responsible for scouting the college ranks; Since we're going to be looking at draft picks shortly I thought it might be helpful to take a glance at these men. Hopefully based upon where these gentleman have worked in the past, the decisions they've made, players drafted, and how those teams have fared, Raider Nation can get some idea as to what will happen to our beloved Raiders.

Stay tuned.

Raider From Birth.

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