A Raider Nation member, Cynthia Foreman is Forging Forward

Damali Binta – Dec 17, 2013

I have read “Guerrilla Warfare,” “Do It Yourself Advertising”, “Full Frontal PR” and “Success Runs In Our Race” among other business books, all for self-help and inspiration for small business owners like myself.  My grandmother would describe it another way,  “a closed mouth won’t get fed.”


I need volunteers to go to your local Walgreens and help me survey 3755 Walgreens Stores in the United States of America. Let’s just call this a reconnaissance mission. I thought that getting the product in the stores was enough but you must request the Cynthia Foreman’s Almond & Lemon Shortbread Cookies.  It is the Holiday Season and there is no room on the shelves at some stores, but our product is there in the stock area. I have provided a list of locations.

Please give the manager the following information: WIC # 325112 & 325113 (Internationally Delicious Shortbread – Almond/Lemon). This will assist them to service you.  Hopefully, they will know that you want to be able to purchase the product on the shelves now and in the future.  I won’t complain; we will just make lemons into lemonade.

Don’t let a situation or circumstance keep you from reaching your goals.  Just because there is a speed bump doesn’t mean that it has to be a barrier. Let’s get this done and show a unified front of small business owners supporting one another.

Support a member of the Raider Nation.  Willie Brown is a supporter of this Raider Nation fan's business venture in 3755 Walgreens in the United States.


Recent Photo of Cynthia Foreman with Mark Davis, Oakland Raiders owner




Damali Binta Yael (Mama Raider)




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