Does Dennis Allen have a Bias Towards Terrelle Pryor?

Elias Trejo – Jan 9, 2014

There are people out there who believe Dennis Allen does not want Terrelle Pryor to be his quarterback. Some have gone as far as calling Allen a racist because he doesn't want Pryor to be his starter. I personally think these accusations and assumptions are false, out of line, and terribly wrong. Allen's preference is a quarterback that can make plays with his arm and lead the team to more victories. He doesn't care about the color or style of his quarterback as long as he is able to make the simple reads and not make mistakes. 

Today I recorded a show and my guest was the opinionated "Ricky Bobby." He's been kicked off Twitter several times and has gotten under the skin of many reporters and Raiders  fans by his comments. He truly believes Allen has a bias towards Pryor and that this coaching staff has ruined his progression as a quarterback. I strongly disagree with the idea of the coaching staff having a bias toward Pryor, but I don't disagree with the idea that the coaching staff held back Pryor's progression by benching him late in the season.

The reality is, when you look back at this coachings staff's actions, Pryor was never their guy. They gave him an opportunity to start because Matt Flynn was not an NFL starter, and because Pryor showed improvement from 2012. He was a better passer, just not the best passer on the team. He won the starting job, but was benched later in the season. If the Raiders wanted to develop him as the quarterback they most likely would have kept him in as the starter. Starting Matt McGloin showed me the Raiders weren't interested in trying to develop Pryor. Starting Pryor in the final game also showed me that this team was not sold on McGloin either. 

There is no denying that McGloin was the much better passer and that more players on offense got involved with him as the starter. There is also no denying that Pryor missed out on valuable time where he could of developed and improved as a quarterback. Heading into 2014, the Raiders will most likely be looking for a quarterback. Their quarterback shuffling should tell you that they don't think their future QB is on the roster and none of the younger quarterbacks were worth investing in so they could develop. Why bench a young quarterback for another, and then switch them again at the end of the season? 

Listen to the show and let us know what you think. Click Here to listen. 

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