Oakland Raiders: Breaking down the Matt Schaub Trade

David Wilson – Mar 21, 2014

It’s easy to be critical of the Matt Schaub trade by the Oakland Raiders, but before you complain about it, just figure out what it cost them.

A sixth round pick and some cap space, which they have plenty of.

The cap space isn’t an issue. Having cap space isn’t great, it just means you could have brought in more players to make your team better, but didn’t.

So effectively, it’s a sixth round pick for a veteran starting quarterback who may, or may not, work out well for the Raiders. Oakland may have got him without the sixth rounder, and for less money, but honestly, isn’t it worth the 6th rounder to reel him in and keep other teams (like Cleveland which has plenty of cap space) out of the equation?

It has to be.

Now of course Schaub had a bad 2013/14 season, but prior to that he had five straight years with a 90.0+ QB rating, and went to two Pro Bowls. Just like I can accept Philip Rivers had an off year in 2012/13, I can accept Schaub had an off year in 2013/13.

If it doesn’t work out, it costs nothing going forward other than the 6th round pick. If you think Oakland could get more than this with that 6th round pick, you are kidding yourself.

Schaub has a fresh start, and brings in a veteran presence to compete with Matt McGloin for the starting job. I still don’t rule out McGloin as starter at this point, I think that kid has got something.

Now in all honesty, I still haven’t completely got over the Jared Veldheer/Roger Saffold debacle, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and (outside of the aforementioned debacle), I have to give Reggie credit. He has gone after the talent available, and generally got what he wanted at a fair price.

I like the Donald Penn deal. I don’t think that he is a great (or even good) LT, and I would far rather have Jared Veldheer protecting our QB’s blind side (especially with Tamba Hali & DeMarcus Ware in the division), but at least he came at a fair price. It gives Oakland an insurance policy at LT, in case either

i) Menelik Watson isn’t the player they thought they drafted, or

ii) He gets injured

Reggie let Penn go to Washington for a visit without caving to his demands, and Penn still came back and took what Oakland offered him. That is good work by Reggie.

You have to like the Charles Woodson/Usama Young signings also.

As the free agency period has gone on, Reggie has added players at various positions to fill out the roster, and as I said in a previous article, this has been to address areas of weakness so that come the draft, Oakland can afford to take the best player available, rather than have to draft for need.

Now these players have generally been older rather than younger, but that is the nature of free agency.

There is still some way to go, as well as the draft, but taken as a roster the Raiders should be a great deal more competitive this year than they were last.

Reggie better hope so, as most likely it will cost him his job if they are not.

I’m hoping to see Pat Sims return to Oakland, and the guard position still needs fixing. There is no starting tight end, no credible nickel corner or depth on the defensive line.

But this situation is a whole lot better than it was a month ago.

Let’s hope things continue to go well, and this draft needs to be a good one.

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